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Mitt Romney's Character

SelfGoverning Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 3:33 PM
Rockerfeller brought America oil, progress, and prosperity. Obama has stifled oil, gas, and coal, and has brought us the worst poverty in many decades.

If Barack Obama and David Axelrod had their druthers, every American voter would have a certain impression of Mitt Romney:  An exceedingly wealthy, secretive, greedy robber baron, using his substantial means to identify and exploit small businesses -- sucking them dry of capital, bankrupting them, and laying off all the hard-working employees, leaving a trail of human misery and destruction in his wake.  After distributing those pink slips, he cackles and rubs his hands together while depositing his obscene profits into his off-shore bank account somewhere, then it's on to the next victim.  This is the cartoon liberals have painted...