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He actually should see a net loss just like his jobs since taking office.
Moron, we don't comment on it because it's the Owebummer administration is using every government agency for political purposes. Answer this for us; why did the Owebummer administration give violent criminals assault weapons and Brian Terry only a beanbag gun to try to defend himself against them?
Because of Horrible Harry Reid I refuse to go to Vegas, and the Nevada GOP delegates suck too. It will be many years before I go back there, if ever.
Then again, Friday's numbers may still suck, but that won't stop the pathetic blame and excuses from the Dems. We inherited.......... whine, whine, whine. BS. What you inherited was from your own Dem-controlled Congress, which you were part of.
About 2 months before the election, after 4 solid years of Owebummer misery, this Friday the numbers will be fudged and the liberal mainstream media will be touting jobs, our MESSiah has brought us jobs. Too little way too late, and please spare us the lame blame and excuses. Reagan stepped into Carter's mess, with Dems to battle in Congress, and still delivered, as well did Romney in Mass. Owebummer had 2 solid years of full Dem majorities, passed all the Dem toxic tax dollar wasting bills, and still failed to deliver. Zero executive experience for the job of Chief Executive. Zero business experience for the job of overseeing the biggest business engine in the world. It's time for real leadership. Romney 2012
Sure, the Democrats in power are better off, seeing they increased their pay and perks, but tens upon tens of millions of Americans, and the health of the nation, is NOT better off. We have the worst economy in anybody alive's memory.
And why did I expect crickets from a moron when asked a simple question? Because whine-stain the moron is a lying coward.
He's killing jobs while burning trillions of tax dollars and borrowing trillions more like there's no tomorrow.
whine-stain, you're a moron.
Ya, and just think if all those GOP governors weren't improving their states, which brings up the national count.
Never mind Romney showing anything, when the hell is Owebummer going to show us some jobs? The bum has a net loss of jobs since taking office.
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