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“The Five” Absolutely Destroy Jim Carrey’s Absurd Press Release

Selah Green Wrote: Mar 30, 2013 6:33 PM
Histrionics? Freaking out like children? Let’s see, what exactly came from Carrey – “Fux News (X3); rant; rave; bare its fangs; viciously slander; no brain in their head; irresponsible buffoonery; attention is all they care about.” (Sounds a lot like projection; you know, project your own issues on others, making the assumption that everyone else in the world has your problems). But there’s more: “Kinda-sorta-almost-journalists; extreme and intolerant views; a colostomy bag; petty and poisonous; bullies; a giant culture fart full of malevolence.” 18 juvenile insults in 4 short paragraphs are his response to criticism. Just who is demonstrating histrionics and acting like a child?

Actor Jim Carrey’s “Cold Dead Hand” video unleashed a firestorm of outrage among conservatives and gun-rights advocates—and for good reason. In one pathetic song, Carrey, who enjoys the protection of an armed bodyguard, mocks the nearly 90 million gun owners in this country, Charlton Heston and rural America. Allahpundit over at Hot Air summed it up best when he said the song is “neither funny nor biting” but rather, is “basically an extended dick joke of the sort that’s been thrown at gun owners for decades.” Indeed.

But it seems Carrey couldn’t handle Greg Gutfeld’s criticism on Fox...