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Cue the Semi-Educated, Liberal Attacks on Easter as Pagan

Selah Green Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 12:05 PM
Astarte (Easter) day, fertility goddess day, came to be celebrated by the Astarte temple priests impregnating vestal virgins on the temple altar. Their babies, born the following December, would then be sacrificed on the altar of Astarte the following Easter, and their blood used to dye eggs red in celebration of the arrival of the fertility goddess. Thus our ‘Christian’ tradition of Easter eggs. So we can celebrate the traditions of men, incorporated into the church by those who diluted the worship of God with the worship of pagan gods in order to be ‘inclusive’ of pagan celebrants. Or we can celebrate the feasts of the Lord, who established His feasts as signs of His plans for us.
Selah Green Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 12:05 PM
Jesus rose three days after His crucifixion death on the Day of Firstfruits, as THE Firstfruit. This is what God wants us to celebrate; not the symbol of a pagan fertility goddess to whom infants were sacrificed. “But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. But each one in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who are Christ's at His coming.” 1 Cor 15:20.

CabinBoy388 wrote: An Easter egg roll without Jesus or religion. Horror upon horrors! How on earth can we ever celebrate the resurrection of Christ without linking it to a Pagan fairy tale? - Obamacare: "Driving Up Unemployment and Insurance Costs Since 2010™"

Dear Comrade Cabin Boy,

Cue the semi-educated liberal who tries to denigrate Christianity by tying it to paganism without any context at all. As usual, your comments make you sound like you have some sort of a thought disorder. Of course you do, but since you’re an unmedicated liberal, it’s to be expected.