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The "24 kids of libertarians" montage once again perpetuates the blatant lie of social security being a freebie, a hand-out, an entitlement. The government does not "Give" us social security. The government TAKES social security taxes from us our entire working lives, and then if we survive to retirement, it doles out small amounts each month on the bet that we will die before we get back what we have put in for 50 years.
The arrogance is simply unbelievable. My "Crappy" plan costs far less than the Obamacare plan that is the closest to it. The Obamacare plan will cost $250 a month more in premiums, the deductible will go up $5000, and I will lose $2,500 a year in dental care and $500 a year in eye care. So my "Crappy" plan allowed me to see the doctor I wanted, go to the specialists I needed to go to, use the hospital the specialists use, and costs $11,000 a year less. Tell me, you arrogant petty tyrant, WHY should I have to deal with that?
Actually, I suppose if I went to my job and put a sign on my office door that said "I support stealing from the company", then the company would have the right to terminate me. Professor Adams, and I do believe still the majority of the country, believe in standards of behavior. It does not matter how many times deviant behavior is pushed on us on the TV, in movies, in classes, in music, or wherever; the standards of morality do not change. Sin is still sin. You (and the academics) may question the definition of 'morality', and you may mock the traditional beliefs, but there will still be a courageous few who will stand up to the mockers for Godly behavior.
Thanks, MM. It scares me. It is amazing how we have sunk so fast into an unthinking miasma as a nation.
Faculty Senate President and Che Guevara fan. Need any more be said? The extreme leftist academics (who have never experienced reality, or experienced anything outside the warm, fuzzy fantasyland of the protected intelligentsia) love leftist tyrants - those who will crush, destroy, and mass murder others in the name of "Enlightenment." That is why their first instinct is universally to silence those who disagree with them. They use cute euphemisms such as 'justice' and 'fairness' in an attempt to give their tyrannical impulses an air of respectability. They used to cite 'tolerance' and 'diversity', but those have become rather uncomfortable as their extreme lack of tolerance became more evident, and as their extremely narrow definition of diversity became clearer - diversity from common sense; diversity from right; diversity from good; diversity from the Constitution. So the Enlightened Ones of academia have had to come up with a new euphemism to encapsulate their cowardice, and they discovered 'collegiality'. Where in the world does the principle of collegiality come from? Did they get that from the Apostle Paul and his teachings on the unity in the Spirit? Must have. Only their unity is with the spirit of the Antichrist, which doesn't market too well. But now 'Collegiality' trumps the law of the land, trumps common sense, trumps freedom of thought. So I guess we'll be hearing the sirens' call for 'Collegiality' for the next decade, along with 'Justice'. It is well past time to junk our universities and colleges, and create some schools of truly higher learning. What we have now are indoctrination centers for the next generation of Bolsheviks, tyrants, and mass murderer worshipers.
Amazing. A Republican actually speaking out against the leftists fascism destroying this country. What about it, Paul Ryan? Chris Christie? Jeb Bush? Bobby Jindal? Senator McConnell? Senator Rand Paul? Anyone else in the party who might actually want to defend our free speech rights? This one is a no brainer. The Firefox CEO supported Obama's position (his 2008 position), and now he has been run out of town for it? Do any of you 'Leaders' have a problem with that?
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Obama's Embarrassing Ellen Appearance

Selah Green Wrote: Mar 23, 2014 12:15 PM
Sansebastian, you are not catching on. God is not out of the equation; He has just been replaced. Obama is our god now. He is to be worshiped, as are his chosen royal priests - Biden, Reid, Pelosi, and so on. Remember what Newsweek editor Evan Thomas said in June 2009: "Obama's standing above the world; He's sort of god." So we've just replaced the Biblical God with our own Humanist god. The Brown Shirts will soon be visiting those who do not properly worship our new god.
Paul says everybody has a right to self determination, and he's right. The concern is that the plebiscite will be conducted like the last presidential election in Philadelphia, where the New Black Panthers were the poll watchers, and entire precincts voted 105% for Obama. The Crimeans will be voting with Igor looking over their shoulders, and Ivan collecting the votes. If it's anything like a King County vote, the Russians will just keep counting and counting the ballots (and 'discovering' new ballots) until the results are right.
Well, you've got to be fair with these things. Remember when she asked who you'd want in the White House when the 3 AM emergency call came? Well, she was in the State Department, not the White House when the call came. And, it came at 5:00 PM, not 3:00 AM, so it really doesn't count. She has put up with Bill for 40 years. Surely, that is worth a Nobel Piece Prize. (Or, would that be Bill's prize?). And, really, how important are accomplishments anyway? Barry had zero accomplishments when he was elected president, and he's turned out just great. He had no accomplishments, but he was great at fist bumping and shooting hoops, and that's what really counts. So, Hillary doesn't fist bump and she can't shoot hoops? That's OK. I hear she's going to twerk the Democratic National Convention. That should get her the election. Don't forget those imaginary bullets from the imaginary snipers she dodged while deplaning in Bosnia in 1996. I mean, Progs love fantasy stuff - fantasy global warming, fantasy war on women, fantasy Dem compassion. And, don't forget her amazing investment acumen. Hillary is the only person in the world to turn a $1000 investment in cattle futures into $100,000 in less than a year. Just think of what she could do with the national debt with that kind of wizardry.
OK. Of the 52 million abortions done in the US since 1974, half, or 26 million, were female babies. Killed In Action - as I said, in the name of women's lib, the libbers have killed 26 million females. Just in this country. That's a pretty deadly war on women.
War on women casualties: KIA: 26,000,000. Women killed by Progressives like Planned Parenthood and you neighborhood abortion mills. That's 26 million females killed since 1974, in the name of women's liberation. Total Killed In Action: 52 million. But that includes males, and they deserved it.
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