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Fighting Crime with a Vodka Bottle in Place of a Gun

Seiche Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 12:18 PM
Doug- The problem in Oregon is that many of our rural counties are going bankrupt because of public employee retirement liabilities and entitlements (recent State est. of $1 billion/yr for illegals alone). Hence, they are shutting down the jails and people convicted of grand theft are being let loose and lesser thieves don't even get tried. As a result thievery is increasing exponentially. So, the law won't scare them into not stealing. On another note, what if a thug forces a woman to preform oral sex at the point of a knife. What's the harm? It was just a little of her time. Oh, you say she has to live with being violated. So what, apparently me feeling violated by some thief ransacking my home doesn't justify killing him.

It happens probably nightly. A citizen fights off a criminal in order to protect his property. But it doesn't always make the nightly news. In this case it did.   


How much easier and safer would have been this takedown of a punk in New York City if the clerk had been equipped with a hand gun rather than just a vodka bottle?  How much less of a burden to the taxpayer too, who will now have to incarcerate the criminal?

And just think of chilling effect it would have on criminals if shootings of miscreants during crimes like this were on the nightly...