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Worthless, out of date fodder, instead of addressing the vote on kicking Boehner out as speaker of the house. We can not afford two more years of the lap dog Republicans that Ann supports. Republicans need to go big or they will go home in 2016! Cruz/Lee type GOP is needed.
In more pressing news, McConnell has refused to discuss his no vote on Saturday, along with 21 other RINO's who have rejected the American Peoples mandate to defund obamacare and reject the obama amnesty. Ann who promised that McConnell was a conservative republican and should be re-elected, has decided to not address the issue. Plus 1 to the establishment (RINO's, Coulter, J.Bush,Christie, Romney etc) Big F.U. to the American People.
Cloward-Piven, on the other hand, who's goal was to overload the infrastructure of the U.S. would be overjoyed at the success of "the food stamp prez", who also just added an extra 5+ million non-paying people to the local economies. That's the hospitals, law enforcement, fire & emergency medical, school systems, that are paid out of property taxes that these people will not be paying. This doesn't even count the welfare, HUD, social security, medicare, etc that they will receive without paying a dime into. Sure you can say they aren't supposed to get these payments but we've all seen how easy it was in the past for it to change in the future. Can you say, Next executive order?
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Obama vs. Us

Seekers Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 6:36 PM
But it's not just ovomit vs us, it's the entire education system indoctrinating our children from the time they can speak until they go out into the world. How they should speak, act and yes even think. Why do you think high school kids in Colorado were protesting classes in Patriotism? They were following the lead of one of their liberal teachers. Promoting socialism, homosexual rights, animal rights, and Alinsky. It's easy to forget they were supposed to learn the three R's and get prepared to enter the job market instead of become useful puppets for the likes of ovomit and shillary. The battle starts at home, don't abandon your child to these social experiment centers. Educate them on what's going on in local and national government, that way they'll be educated voters when the time comes. Thank you Mr. Williams for another great column, Seekers
Poor Ann still doesn't get it. This election was about a repeal of everything obama, starting with obamacare. Defunding it if you can't repeal it is a good start. Controlling both houses we should be dealing from a position of power not a weak position like McConnell suggests. Ann is still part of the establishment GOP that tried to hoist Christie and Romney on us, yes we remember Ann!
Just because DSCC quits funding TV ads doesn't mean she will go quietly into the night. I much more likely see her being dragged fighting, scratching with foul mouth running. Now that's how Demoncrats "graciously" concede... Seekers
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A-Rod Banned From Baseball's 2014 Season

Seekers Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 5:19 PM
Only 2014?
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