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This article points out the real dangers of Obamacare..!! While everyone is focused on the cost of insurance mandated by Obamacare, they are overlooking the facts that it’s the care that will suffer the most. Right now with just the threat of Obamacare, hospitals have pared back the staff in emergency rooms, where sick people wait for as much as 7 and 8 hours to see a doctor, God only knows how long that wait will be after the full implementation of Obamacare. There will be an exodus of young doctors to other countries just as quickly as the their existing work contracts expire, and although they won’t make as much money, they can live much better on the money that they earn in most of the foreign countries, and they won’t have the burden of regulations and government restrictions of the quality of service for their patients. So the health care in this country will suffer, with the younger doctors leaving for other countries, and the older doctors either retiring or refusing any new patients with Medicare or Medicaid, and appointments taking as much as 1 to 2 months to see a doctor and even longer if you require an operation.
The Plight of the Black American Much of the problems that the Black American encounters throughout their lives are a result of their own doing. A recent statement by a black columnist: “The primary obstacle to Blacks advancement and equality is now Blacks themselves”. It is the image that they themselves project, the way they dress, or talk, their attitude towards all other races, their total lack of decency in social issues. Blacks can always justify what they do or say, even when it is indecent, illegal. Illogical and totally anti-social, and they excuse their behavior because of Black-Rage or past discrimination, civil-rights, and oppressions, and they don’t expect, but rather demand that the American society accepts their trashy behavior. The plight of the Black Society was or is not caused by Whitey or the Honky, but rather by their own simple minded ideology that whitey is the cause of their plight and all their problems will go away by voting in a black person to a political office. The plight of the Black American will continue, because these simpleminded blacks will continue to vote for color, regardless of how incompetent or corrupt that person may be, instead of voting for a person of any other color that can promote true change for the better of the black communities. Many of the major cities of this country that have predominate black or minority population, are bankrupt, crime ridden, and in utter decay, basically because the politicians that were voted in, and who control the political agenda for that city are black and either incompetent or corrupt. All these so called protectors of the Black Cause, the black politicians and these self proclaimed ministers have a common agenda, and that is to carve out a piece of that good life for themselves, to drive around in nice limousines, live in big estates far away from the slums that their simpleminded constituents live in, and fatten their bank accounts. It certainly isn’t to promote a better life for the Black Community, because collectively they do have that power to accomplish that if they really want that to happen. It is time for the Black Society and black individuals to take personal responsibility for where they are and are not, in life, economics, education, and social development and stop blaming the white guy. The primary obstacle to Blacks advancement and equality is Blacks themselves. Of course the black community would have to take responsibility for cleaning up their neighborhoods and clamping down on the neighborhood crime, keeping in mind that most of these criminals are the sons, daughters, nephews, and nieces of the people that live in that neighborhood
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Black Self-Sabotage

Seeker1212 Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 8:52 AM
This is the first article that I read with statics so well presented that focuses on the facts that “Only Black People” can solve the situation that exists in the black communities. No amount of money can change the situations that plague those cities that are predominantly minority. The problems that exist in these cities are caused by the blacks themselves by voting with their emotion instead of their brains, beginning with voting for people of color or destructive ideology influenced by Race Baiters and Corrupt politicians promising generous assistance programs. That is not to say that there are not any potential good and honest black persons that if voted in could turn this situation around, unfortunately it’s not the honest black politician that gets voted in.
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Rand Paul is wrong

Seeker1212 Wrote: Jun 02, 2013 7:39 AM
A message to Mr Paul Jacob..!! Talk about confusion, not certain what your message is, but I can assure you, the elitist a^^^hole you came across as, those of us that have contributed to Social Security and Medicare for the major portion of our life do not believe either of those programs are “Entitlements”. We paid into these programs with our sweat and blood.
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No Better for Obama Next Week, Either

Seeker1212 Wrote: May 19, 2013 8:57 AM
The depth of this presidents tyranny is as deep as the depth of hell which he will take his ghoulish minions down that hole with him.
Very well put, goes to the heart of culture differencies
There are no good Muslim’s: Don’t be fooled, there is no difference between a Radical and Moderate Muslim, they both have the same basic purpose, the globalization of Islam through the destruction of all other religions and the democratic government as we now know it, one through the use of bombs, and the other through patient infiltration of our government and our courts.
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Where Lawlessness Comes From

Seeker1212 Wrote: May 17, 2013 11:08 AM
Another A truly great article exposing the contempt that this President has for the Rule of Law protecting the rights of American citizens established per the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and his open contempt for the other two houses of our government. Obama’s illegal and Unlawful misuse of the agencies within his control, the HHS, DHS, EPA, IRS, SSA, and the military, to intimate, and physically abuse anyone who opposes him or speaks out against his Un-American policies.
This is going to happen sooner or later, and if you think they don’t have all that information now, then you’re kidding yourselves. They already have all that information on the DMV, SS, Credit Cards, Bank Cards, and tax records, and contrary to so called laws, this information is being shared. How else would the banks know who the top earners are and who to target for credit cards with great interest rates. This could also be used for voters ID, it would be tough for the DOJ bullies and biased courts to argue against using these NIT cards for voting.
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Hating America

Seeker1212 Wrote: May 15, 2013 8:13 AM
It’s not only in the Muslim Mosques that this insidious and treasonous attacks on America and the American values being preached, but throughout the entire American educational system, it started in the Colleges and has infiltrated into the grade schools. These people running our education system are destroying the minds and values of our young people, and we allow them to do it. Keep in mind, its only 10 percent that controls us, and anytime the 90 percent wants to make a change they can do so with sheer numbers.
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Facing Facts About Illegal Immigration

Seeker1212 Wrote: May 12, 2013 7:33 AM
It didn't take long for Rubio to show his true color..!! The problem is that many of these illegials are not people looking for a better life, rather they are coming here with the plan on destroying America and the soft hearted American Politicians.
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