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Help, I’m falling off the cliff of sanity..!! They say that a person is considered insane when they commit acts without reason. This most recent act of persecution of Sterling, who without question is a bigot, for what he said in the confines of his home, is real proof that this nation has finally gone mad. When convicted criminals are being released from prison because the jails are too full and the cost of incarcerating them is too great, and when the lawmakers are considering amnesty for the illegal aliens that invade our country, who are costing this nation and the states that they invade billions of dollars each year, who by the way should be excused because their crime is really “an act of love. Is that not insane?? Consider that they excuse, “because its comedy” entertainers who publicly make racist remarks about ” whitey and those damn Honkys” or people like Bill Maher who publically demonize Christians and the normal folk that believe that marriage is between a man and a real woman. Is that not insane?? And let’s not even try to deny that prominent black persons don’t in the confines of their home or in the group of their black friends, make racist remarks about ” whitey and those damn Honkys”. I have to agree with many of the columnist that this nation is rapidly going down the toilet, especially in the last six years, so there is no doubt, “who released the dogs of evil”. Remember what they say, “what they do to your neighbor today, they can do to you tomorrow”.
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Don't Dump Pennsylvania's Governor

Seeker1212 Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 10:00 AM
Unfortunately Pennsylvania has a great number of Brain-Dead voters who fail to see that Corbett is the only answer of preventing the Keystone State from going down the toilet like those other states. Taxation is not the path to solvency, cost controls and reductions are the solution to reviving the Keystone State to the greatness it once was. Philadelphia is an example of the disaster of a Democratically controlled government, as it is on the way to becoming another Detroit.
The amazing fact, the forces that we pay to control our lives (which takes in all law makers and law enforcement) are really less than ten percent of the population that they control, and this is possible because we live by the laws that the ten percent establishes to protect themselves from the other ninety percent. As long as we the American public allow our elected officials to pass laws that strip us of our liberties, this emboldens them to further strip us of our constitutional rights as well. It would be no problem at all for the ninety percent of the population to correct this situation if they really wanted to. These elected officials should be considered as criminals of the state being Treasonous and should have to pay the ultimate price for Treason, only then can we restore America to the great nation it once was.
As we grow older it becomes very clear that life passes too quickly and the days are not long enough and the nights are too short. Life becomes more precious and love is unconditional. Enjoyment and appreciation of the stated are what matters most. As we know, there are many kinds of love, but the deepest, is the love of our spirit and our body. This is the most precious of loves, and should not be given or wasted, but should be savored for those that we hold dearest, our partners, our soul mate, and in that absence, our dearest of friends, just as we would our deepest secrets or the smile from the happiness they bring us. Our minds are filled with words of what is right or wrong, words that dictates how we should act or how we should feel. We allow the minds and words of others to control our passions and feelings, and so we feel with our mind and not our heart. How sad, we should go through life, which is so short, depriving ourselves of that which brings us the greatest joy.
Much of the problems that the Black American encounters throughout their lives are a result of their own doing. A recent statement by a black columnist: “The primary obstacle to Blacks advancement and equality is now Blacks themselves”. How true that statement is, it is the image that they themselves project, the way they dress, or talk, their attitude towards all other races, their total lack of decency in social issues. No other ethnic group here in the USA was ever given as many opportunities to overcome the dredges of poverty enabling them to succeed in equality as the Black American, only to be wasted by viewing these opportunities as gifts, or as the Race Baiters claimed, reparations for something that happened a 100 years ago. Those brave American’s, both Black and White that voice their opinions on this subject, who are often demonized as “Uncle Tom’s or Racists” do so, not out of distain, but rather out of love for their Black Brother in hopes to change the course of a path of self destruction.
Whatever life blood that is left over after the Federal Government gets through sucking, then comes the local government to suck out the rest of our blood through Property Tax, Sales Tax, and Surcharges.
You don’t have to be a rebel or have a revaluation, if you want to change policies dictated by the federal government, you have to start at the local levels, the cities, the counties, and the state, elect the right representatives at that level then the voters will have the power to change the federal controls.
you have to start at the local levels, the cities, the counties, and the state, then the voters will have the power to change the federal controls.
MURDER and MAHEM by MUSLIMS The below list are the types of terrorist attacks that take place every day throughout the world by Muslims. Is this what we want to happen here in America??...... Make no mistake; it’s not the country that causes these atrocities, it’s the people of this evil religion of ISLAM. In the month of September: In addition to the murder of 79 people in a quiet Mall in Kenya, and the bomb blast by suicide bombers killing 80 and wounding another 100 or so Christians in a church in Pakistan. Sep 28, 2013 - Sudan: At least 29 people have been killed in three days of rioting in Khartoum, Omdurman and other towns. Cars, shops, gas stations and banks were burned. India-Jammu and Kashmir State: Twelve persons, including a Lieutenant Colonel, died in two militant attacks on police and Army formations in two southern districts of Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday by Islamic terrorist. Kenya: Update. Al-Shabaab gunmen attacked a Kenyan police compound near the Somali border and a market in the southern Kenyan town of Wajir, leaving 3 dead and 7 wounded. There are no good Muslims as claimed by the Muslim Organization’s, there is no difference between a Radical and Moderate Muslim, they both have the same basic purpose, the globalization of Islam through the destruction of all other religions and the democratic government as we now know it, one through the use of bombs, and the other through patient infiltration of our government and our courts.
I do believe that the police officers job is a tough one, not only dealing with the crazies of today, but pressures from their superiors to fulfill some sort of quota of arrests or tickets. Unfortunately, because of bad judges and irresponsible police officials, this could create more unreasonable deaths of innocent citizens by gun crazy cops claiming they felt threatened just because the person was carrying a weapon. Although I can empathize with the difficulty of their job, that doesn’t excuse their unreasonable misconduct towards the normal citizen or their open support for the bad cops because of some sick honor of the brotherhood of police. As long as they are protected by overreaching prosecutors, bad judges, the crooked union and the criminal affiliation due to the “Thin Blue Line”, there are no Good Cops.
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