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We have an Immigration Policy, as poorly as it is, but we don’t enforce the one we havre.
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What If There Were Too Many Jobs?

Seeker1212 Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 8:17 AM
It’s not a case of too many jobs; it’s a case of not enough qualified workers. Once the unemployment numbers, “the real numbers” fall to 5 percent, employers of the various industries experience a major problem finding qualified workers. This creates. “Robbing the best” with enhanced offers to attract the qualified worker from one employer to another with not only increased wages: but better benefits, including shorter working hours and increased vacation time. It also causes the employer to lower their requirements of the qualifications of the applicants, causing more on-the-job-training, which in turn increases the field of qualified workers and increased salary for entry level workers. “However” unless this country enforces the present immigration laws, and deports all illegal aliens or the so-called “Un-documented Immigrants”, the American public will never realize the true benefits of an enhanced economy.
If we really want to stabilize the Middle East, we find the most ruthless SOB in each country; make him the president and provide him the support to wipe out anyone that opposes him.
It appears that this country never learns from history……It started with America tossing the Shah of Iran under the bus for Humanitarian reasons, now Iran with its Sharia Law has no human rights and we gained another enemy. We stuck our nose in Libya, Syria. and Egypt, and now the entire Middle East is in chaotic turmoil. You have to wonder if the real purpose for our involvement and disrupting the stabilities of these nations is basically to make the manufactures of war products humming and making great profits.
If An argument is a collected series of statements designed to establish a definite proposition. Arguments involve the presentation of facts and evidence from which one draws a conclusion. Implied within the concept of an argument is the potential that one might change his conclusion. But liberals start with the conclusion. Unless the facts and evidence are “True Facts and Evidence”, than the conclusion is distorted: Much like the old saying: “Figures Lie and Liars Figure”. Much of the statements presented by the liberals are “Half Truths” that can’t be proven as false, which plays to the uninformed and the simple-minded audience, therefore corrupt and self serving politicians are elected to office and the Americans rights and freedom are trampled on. This occurs at both levels of government: Local and Federal.
Great Article, really details much of the cause for the plight of the Black communities and the diversity that exists today.
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The White House's Cover-up of Benghazi

Seeker1212 Wrote: May 13, 2014 10:01 AM
Is it possible that there are other embarrassing scandals beside the deceptive cover up by the Obama Administration of who knew what and when they knew it, and what other damaging information could surface if more detailed questions were presented to all the persons involved during the attack? The more important questions should be..!! • Why was the Consulate Attacked? • What was taking place that caused the consulate to be attacked? • What was so important that the Consult from Turkey had to meet with our Ambassador that day? • Since we had no idea if the attack was going to take one hour or one day, who was responsible for giving the stand-down order? • Why have all the persons who were present at the consulate on that day forced to sign “Non Disclosure documents’ and denied the right to talk to the congressional investigators?? • Why hasn’t anyone been brought to justice, especially since our government not only has pictures of the attackers, but they know who the main organizers are?? • Why haven’t we got the Libyan Government more involved in finding the attackers? Is it possible that if we were to capture the persons responsible for the attack that they would reveal the real reason for the attack which could be embarrassing for the Obama administration due to a possible illegal act of supplying arms to the Libyan Rebels via Turkey??
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Coming End to Racial Preferences

Seeker1212 Wrote: May 07, 2014 3:12 PM
Although every decent person will agree that the Politicians are the basic problem for the plight of the minorities by pandering to them for their votes, let’s not excuse the minorities from their part in their plight by viewing the proposed opportunities as gifts instead of opportunities to succeed in life and the business world.
With all the Liberals trampling on the First, Second, Fourth, and Eighth Amendment’s of the constitution, and some of the Justices clamoring for amending the Bill of Rights, why not Amend the Eight Amendment of “cruel and unusual punishment” and add “except in the execution of a convicted murderer” That would solve the problem, and allow the states to execute these animals in “death by similar method that the victim suffered”.
Help, I’m falling off the cliff of sanity..!! They say that a person is considered insane when they commit acts without reason. This most recent act of persecution of Sterling, who without question is a bigot, for what he said in the confines of his home, is real proof that this nation has finally gone mad. When convicted criminals are being released from prison because the jails are too full and the cost of incarcerating them is too great, and when the lawmakers are considering amnesty for the illegal aliens that invade our country, who are costing this nation and the states that they invade billions of dollars each year, who by the way should be excused because their crime is really “an act of love. Is that not insane?? Consider that they excuse, “because its comedy” entertainers who publicly make racist remarks about ” whitey and those damn Honkys” or people like Bill Maher who publically demonize Christians and the normal folk that believe that marriage is between a man and a real woman. Is that not insane?? And let’s not even try to deny that prominent black persons don’t in the confines of their home or in the group of their black friends, make racist remarks about ” whitey and those damn Honkys”. I have to agree with many of the columnist that this nation is rapidly going down the toilet, especially in the last six years, so there is no doubt, “who released the dogs of evil”. Remember what they say, “what they do to your neighbor today, they can do to you tomorrow”.
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