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Let's get Senator Feinstein's attention by discussing legislation banning cosmetics, hair products, jewelery, and fancy expensive clothing because the clown-added effects and alterations are causing our children to want to harm others.
"The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed. The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed" St. Augustine (13 November 354 – 28 August 430) Both Testament's continue to apply.
You can have your 16th century bible re-re-interpreted by Martil Luther. I'll keep my unchanged agreed & accepted Divinely Inspired Word of God from the 4th Century, at the Council of Rome in 382, approx. 350 yrs after Christ death. If you believe your version 1229 years after that if better, then go for it. I want my bible to be as close to early Church as possible; translated directly from Hebrew, Aramaic, & Greek in to the Latin Vulgate & English.
actually your 1611 date is off by 1229 years. The bible you are referring to has a Protestant heritage and timeline beginning in the timeframe you identity. The Old Testament were decided on many years before the time of Christ. Christ himself read from the Old Testament. The New Testament was not decided upon until the late 4th century, at the Council of Rome in 382 (approx 350 yrs after Christ Death) but the books agreed upon in 382 had already been referenced and discussed for several years before the Council agreed in 382.
Piers misinterpretes the Bible's unfallible Word of God as fallible word of man which should evolve with trend changes. Piers needs reminding that it is not God who changes, but man. God doesn't evolve around man; all creation evolves from & around God. Period!
what bible are you referring to?
Piers believes man has the authority to re-write God's Word. Scary thought! Martin Luther did the same thing and now there are over 40,000+ Christian denominations in the US alone.
How About We Amend Piers Morgan's CNN contract. I think he is making way more money than he should. For him to make this type comment shines a light on who he believes is the author of his life.
This should absolutely not be a shock anyone! This coach blames his team and never points the finger at his coaching.
If Obama loses it will go down as one of the larger losses in history. His popularity and electoral projections have dwindled down to a nominal 50 / 50 chance in this country. 2008 Electoral Votes: Democrats 365 (68%) v/s Republican 173 (32%) 2008 Popular Votes: Democrats 52.9% v/s Republican 45.7% If Romney wins, it will go down as one of the more remembered election achievements. McCain voting Republicans in 2008 experienced disappointment with the 2008 results. The disappointment will be similar in 2012 if BHO gets re-elected. What may prove difficult to manage is voters for BHO should he lose. This is not something the BHO voters have experienced yet. It will be interesting to watch unfold; to see whether a president with much
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