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Thanks for the Gun, Stupid

Seawolf Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 1:39 PM
THANK you! I swear, this isn't rocket science...why these folks insist on twisting the words with no idea of the context is unbelievable. The framers just finished a long and costly war..they did not want US, their posterity, to have to do it again. AND, since the 2nd IS about protecting ourselves from a gov't destructive of the ends the framers had in mind, WE are entitled to the same firepower that would be used against us.

So I’m reading this email teaser from National Journal’s Influence Alley called Spending Cuts Added to Plan B that says: “In a bid to win more support for Republican House Speaker John Boehner's Plan B to cut taxes for everyone but millionaires, GOP leaders are adding a second bill that would reduce the deficit and avoid the sequester, a GOP leadership aide told the Alley.”

So first I’m thinking “What tax cut?” Doesn’t a tax cut necessitate some sort of tax “cutting” action? The net result of the proposal is to increase taxes for some. If these guys worked on Wall...