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No Skin in the Game

Seawolf Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 6:53 AM
Stewardship of the constitution is what conservatism is all about. preserve, protect and defend it against ALL enemies foreign and domestic so as to leave OUR posterity that which we were left intact for all. Millions before us bled and died for that principle, yet this clown obama has the temerity to call that document "flawed". What president over our history has ever been as dismissive of the constitution as this bum? He disrespects everything about this nation from the flag to the founding documents, he hides his background like a thief and arrogantly throws his weight around refusing to compromise and has acted like a dictator instead of an elected servant of the people. Impeach him over Benghazi and rid us of this clown congress.
An Internet search is inconclusive as to where the phrase "no skin in the game" originated. Some ascribe it to the late columnist William Safire; others to investor Warren Buffett. Politicians often use the phrase to justify policies to their liking. It can also be applied to the latest in a long list of their outrageous behaviors, as well as to those of President Obama.

Like an increasing number of politicians, the president has never served in the military, nor has he ever run a business. He has never headed a company that needed to make a profit (and thus...