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Maybe Minorities' Values Need Changing

Seawolf Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 8:33 AM
How do you change a mindset that says white people OWE me? How do you change a warped sense of values? As Cosby pointed out they'd rather buy sneakers than hooked on phonics. How do you change a mindset that calls the successful members of their race "sellouts" and "uncle toms"? Do they not see what that does to the hopes and aspirations of their children or do they simply not care because someone else is raising them? Someone else is reading to them, teaching ABCs and feeding them and we wonder why we have feral gangs running the streets. Where exactly IS this vaunted 1st black potus on all of this? No time except TEE time for this clown.
M.K. Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 8:43 AM
You can't quit pushing the conservative economic agenda. There is a good chance that Obamas policies will increasingly cripple the economy and minorities will wake up to the fact that, while they may like Obama personally, he is a putz when it comes to job creation. If they took his advice and voted for "revenge", which we all know is a poor excuse, they may find that "revenge" can come back abd bite you. Having said that. I hope that the POTUS will be more moderate in his policies and bring the country back together.
Seawolf Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 8:51 AM
Romney pushed for jobs and the zero promised more goodies, these people don't WANT jobs, if someone is getting 60K from welfare as was reported last week, why would they look for a job paying a third of that and have to actually get up in the morning? The 0 will cut the military and Social Security before he cuts a nickle out of welfare. He is first and foremost what he is.

The most widely offered explanation for Mitt Romney's defeat is that the Republican Party is disproportionately composed of -- aging -- white males.

That is, alas, true.

But the real question is what Republicans should do with this truth.

There are two responses.

The nearly universal response -- meaning the response offered by the liberal media and liberal academics (and some Republicans) -- is that the Republican Party needs to rethink its positions, moving away from conservatism and toward the political center.

The other response is for conservatives and the Republican Party to embark on...