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I'm Even More Confident That Mitt Will Win

Seawolf Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 9:04 AM
McCain's CORE principles are exactly what caused him to not accept an early release by the commies in Hanoi and to stand tall with his fellow prisoners at the risk of his life. THAT is the essence of the man Stu. McCain is revered by the guys who suffered with him in Hanoi and for good reason, that kind of stalwart leadership is what we needed, not this punk from the ghetto of Chicago, obama has NO core values other than what he read about in the communist manifesto.
I want to give you an updated list of reasons I believe that Mitt Romney will win the election Tuesday. So much information, so much confusion, so much uncertainty. But I don't think it's so complex as it seems.

In 2008, a perfect storm developed for Barack Obama: an economic crisis, which was effectively, though unfairly, blamed on Republicans; war fatigue, which had been stoked by six years of Democratic anti-Bush propaganda; a messianic illusion personified in Obama, who was promising incomprehensibly wonderful yet undefined change and utopian-level bipartisanship; and a Republican opponent who all but forfeited the election to Obama...