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Bordering on Madness

Seawolf Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 7:37 AM
One of the reasons we ARE the greatest nation in the world is because we controlled immigration to a large extent. Our LEGAL immigrant grandparents waited patiently in line, they brought needed skills, had to have a sponsor so as not to become a public burden. If found on the dole, they were deported. AND, they were mostly white, so they assimilated rather quickly. This PC c rap will get us all killed, diseases that were non-existent like TB and syphilis are on the rise thanks to this and obama's desire to destroy this nation.. anyone who still thinks this bum is naive and benign better think again.
And yet there are those who say calling for his impeachment is useless and could hurt our side. He never should have been seated as long as his background was hidden....period.
A great idea that will of course never happen because those folks support the evil bastards that are doing this. Could it be that obama wants these disease ridden aliens to spread whatever they are carrying around the country so as to ensure obama"care" is fully implemented? It's easy to see that these people will vote for dems thereby destroying the 2 party system. It is also clear that these kids will become the anchors to bring in their other family members so he is increasing the population by about 100 million and all of them brown, ignorant and incapable of adding one thing to this nation...That's his plan to fundamentally transform the country. You'd have to be really stupid to not see that this guy is evil to the core.
I fear you may be right. A few of us old warrior types were discussing this just the other night and one who used to wear stars said, this guy is weak, arrogant and he's stupid, he might back us into a shooting war with Putin. I'm concerned with his "flexibility" comment, who knows where his loyalties lie since his background is so murky? I don't trust this bum to not sell us down the river before this AA experiment is over.
Fox showed a clip the other day where numbnuts was badmouthing Bush for a 5 trillion dollar debt, it is now 19 I believe because of this fool. His goal is to make all of his "programs" too big to fail just like the mortgage mess the dems generated in their zeal to buy votes from people who had no business getting a mortgage.
He's doing the best he can to destroy this nation before we wake up and stop him. His obama"care" alone will bankrupt us and destroy the best system in the world. It's communism 101. Lenin said "socialized medicine is the keystone in the arch of a socialist state". OUR problem is these capons in congress won't stand up, use that quote and others and call this clown out for what he is, an Alinskyite commie.
NO, we DO and her name is Sarah...that's why the left is so afraid of her. RR in a skirt and with better legs too.
Better we stayed split given the BS of today..Lincoln jailed over 2000 people simply for disagreeing with him.Something I suspect Mr thin skin would love to do. Lincoln was not the great person he is celebrated as, he gets this adoration because he was martyred. The South had every right to secede, the tariffs were destroying their economy and BTW, civil war is a misnomer, that's when two entities fight over the same gov't, the South HAD it's own gov't. and just wanted to be left alone.
Morning buddy, we have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, he will show the bad guys where the good stuff is for a pat on the head. I think he's secretly a lib.
You might be right. I said then that America committed suicide by electing this lying commie ghetto organizer with a hidden background and not one discipline that would remotely qualify him for this job. That he snuck in a second time is a farce that we may never recover from if he isn't neutered in Nov and hopefully removed. Care to say where you now reside?
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Has Citizenship Jumped The Shark?

Seawolf Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 8:15 AM
This invasion is what obama meant when he said he was going to transform America. Let's knock off the PC nonsense and call it what it is, the browning of a once white nation and turning those who built it into nothing but cashcows for "his people" as holder described them. Someone with his mindset should never have been elected, the mindset of wright, farrakan and the rest of the race hustlers is not what this country is all about. The immigrants who worked so hard to contribute, ie our LEGAL grandparents, were a different group from this bunch who sneak in like so many cockroaches. To allow this is an insult to them and their memory.
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