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Civil War’s A-Brewin’

Seawolf Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 1:58 PM
This gun grab is smoke and mirrors to throw us off the trail and confuse the issue AGAIN over fast and furious AND Benghazi. This commie knows we will never obey a gun grab and he'll have a full blown insurrection on his hands...he's stupid, but not THAT stupid..Impeach his lying butt over Benghazi, he got 4 men killed and they lied through their teeth..I do not accept OUR people saying Rice was "taking one for the team" that's BS, she lied and should not be sitting at the UN anymore, there are enough GD liars in this gov't. The 0 can be gotten rid of over Benghazi.
PecosPete.38 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 2:02 PM
I'm waiting for just the right whistleblower to blow the lid off this pressure cooker so that even the most ardent Blowhard voters will see him for what he is. A deceiving, self-serving cardboard front man phony.
Seawolf Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 2:09 PM
As am I Pete..I really though ole Blago would be the one to do that, he's as crooked as a dog's hind leg as are the rest of them including this commieclown. He knows where the bodies are buried, he probably didn't want to become one OF them. We've had some really corrupt scumbags up there over our histrory, but never some that were outright subversives.
PecosPete.38 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 3:05 PM
I'd say a Rogue's Gallery of them, but that somehow lends them more dignity than they deserve. Rogues suggests swashbuckler types. These guys couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag. Weenies, every single one of them...trying to look macho and woefully failing at it. A weenie is still a weenie, regardless of his costume.

A pretty, young, auburn-haired woman – mid-20s – drove down a lonely country road somewhere in Oklahoma. Appearing in her rearview mirror, at the back windshield, were two menacing orbs of light floating amid ashen dusk. The guttural roar of a souped-up big block shook the tiny Volkswagen Rabbit as a van-load of inbred thugs lurched left and drew alongside her. A ponytailed passenger taunted inaudibly and blew foul kisses between crude hand gestures. He pointed for her to pull over as the van repeatedly swerved dangerously close.

Inside the car a man, asleep in the reclining passenger seat,...