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Christie Announces Sweeping Gun Control Plans

Seawolf Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 8:00 AM
In NJ, you have to go to the local cop shop and get a permission slip before you can even go looking in a gun store..if the Chief of police doesn't like your politics, guess what. If THAT isn't an infringement I don't know what is. And now they want MORE? I, as a legal gun owner with a CCW permit issued by a judge and who served my country for 20 years can be arrested, lose the gun AND the car I am driving if I carry in NJ when visiting my kids. The cops won't even go into certain parts of some cities, but WE can't carry to protect our families from their predators. insane and wrong, but that's libs for you..stupid.

New Jersey has the second toughest gun laws in the nation—it’s one of seven states with an “assault-weapons ban,” one of three with a one-gun-a-month law and gun shows are not permitted. But on Friday when the nation was fixated on the events in Boston, Gov. Chris Christie was pushing for even more gun control.  

The governor is embracing many of the recommendations put forth by the task force on gun violence he created in the wake of the Newtown massacre and is also introducing some measures of his own:

The proposal calls for expanding government-funded mental...

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