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Can a Conscientious Liberal Back Obama?

Seawolf Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 1:49 PM
"Robber barons"..Isn't that quaint...Do you know how men like Vanderbilt started and what they built? How many jobs do you figure just ONE of those men created while becoming rich, which I believe was part of the American dream. How about Ford? Edison, Westinghouse, Gates. Rockefeller?? Now just how many folks like that came out of a communist country?..some immigrated HERE and then did pretty well, did they not? You people are eaten up with class envy.

YOU'RE A PASSIONATE and committed liberal. Four years ago, enthralled by Barack Obama's biography and inspired by his oratory, you voted for him with pride. You embraced his promise of hope and change. You were deeply moved by the racial progress he symbolized.

But above all you voted for him because he expressed such enlightened views.

You didn't just want a Democrat back in the White House, you wanted one who would bring progressive clarity to US national policy.

For eight years, you'd fumed at George W. Bush's offenses against the Constitution; now at last, you believed, you were supporting a...