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Economic Mobility

seaview Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 10:38 AM
The Welfare Program may have contributed to the destruction of the family, but so has the constant harping to degrade the morality of our citizens through television and media. It's not just welfare recipients that have lost their families. Free love has not been free. Women have been conned and children are bearing the brunt of it with 41% now born to single mothers. Women are suffering in poverty, guilt and overwork without partners or support. Large numbers of men have become irresponsible, feeling entitled to sex with no financial or emotional ties. Every baby born should have a father's DNA tested and listed on the birth certificate with a monthly financial (penalty, fee, tax) attached to him if he is not married to the mother
Most people are not even surprised any more when they hear about someone who came here from Korea or Vietnam with very little money, and very little knowledge of English, who nevertheless persevered and rose in American society. Nor are we surprised when their children excel in school and go on to professional careers.

Yet, in utter disregard of such plain facts, so-called "social scientists" do studies which conclude that America is no longer a land of opportunity, and that upward mobility is a "myth." Even when these studies have lots of numbers in tables and equations that mimic the appearance of...