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So you think the truth lies somewhere between the Left and the Right. Who do you think is closer to the truth?
By your admission that it is not George Soros, you also admit it is somebody else. Otherwise, you would have said, "No one." Right?
Then you agree Obama is scamming America? That "Amnesty" has little to do with those he "freed" and more to do with his assault on the Constitution?
Calling you an idiot does not disqualify you from being a towering intellect of the Progressives. I just thought you would come up with words of your own instead of a refrain from a song. Can you come up with words of your own? Can you encapsulate the Progressive movement in 31 words or less? Your own words, that is?
How cavalierly infantile! Ransom treats you like some towering intellect of the Left. And... perhaps you are...
Influential with those who wish to avoid responsibility for their self-induced shortcomings and require a "boogeyman" to explain the sorry state of affairs they "find" themselves in. Sharpton and Jackson, two 'turds of a feather,' have bankrolled the sorrows of the fools they pander to and thirst for more in the upcoming Ferguson farce.
Who pays you?
If you guess Obama is not very religious, what do you think of his citing Scripture in backing up his Amnesty Fiat? Isn't that disingenuous? Hypocritical? Or is he just banking on the religiosity of his new, chosen underclass?
Barry Goldwater used 31 words (from "The...") to encapsulate the Conservative movement. Can you encapsulate the Progressive movement in as few words?
Won't they have to know how to read, first?
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