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And he doesn't even like mammaries!
You haven't heard the words of the officer, Kool-Aid drinker.
No one will be more angry and appalled than the Vacationer-in-Chief!
B. Frank can tell you about the "Ostrich Syndrome" too. But his "head" isn't in the sand. More like it's in the "mud!"
dewed rinse cowboy has confused the qualifications to be a police officer with the qualifications to be a Democrat House member or Senator. As for canines being killed, just ask Barney Frank. They are killed to keep them from talking.
Obviously, Carlos7, as everybody knows, the pigs are subsidized by the Feds. The Fascist Feds supply the pigs with the locations and supplies necessary to riot, from the projects to the food stamps and WIC. The only way to level the playing field is for the Fascist Feds to give the police weapons the pigs can't destroy as easily as a police car.
His successor should arrest Barack Hussein Obama for treason.
They are both part of the newly discovered online Leftist talking points organization: The Dumbolist.
I would suggest you only respect Molotov Cocktail holders. Once they throw it, disrespect them with extreme prejudice.
Thanks for the update Scott4672. This administration is so filled with clowns, it's hard to keep up with what any one of them is doing.
He should resign and turn himself in to the closest Sheriff for treason.
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