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Even if he said, ISIL is not mainstream Islamic, he would have been wrong.
Sure. And a bear doesn't defecate in the woods. And a crab's sphincter isn't watertight!
So true. Islam is based on fear. Not of God, but of the Devil.
I was looking at someone who wanted to look like a tough, no nonsense, doer. But it was all platitudes, pep-talk and a smidgen of fact. It was like Chicken Little, talking tough.
The optics were good and the message was improved. But we all know who delivered it. So, another 15 minutes of my life were wasted listening to the Dope-in-Chief.
Then you missed his imitation of George W. Bush. Like EF Hutton, when GW spoke, the World listened. When Obama speaks, the World laughs.
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The Latest Legislative Pay Raise

searcherseeker Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 9:46 AM
They've been doing it for years, so like Benghazi, it's old news...
Barack Obama is the tooth fairy. And Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!
300+ million Americans in line. "One set of leg irons apiece. Don't be greedy." Landrieu is just one of the overseers handing them out.
What they say is they are sorry if anybody was offended (eff them).
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