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Thought balloon above Netanyahu: "I gotta count my fingers when I get my hand back!"
John Kerry makes a door knob look like a rocket scientist!
He could quit sending Iran money, too.
They weren't his medals. He got them from someone who allowed, as a proxy, the haughty John Kerry to throw over the White House fence.
Perhaps he could wear a condom with stars on it...
What's unconstitutional is passing a law which authorizes the Executive to write the law, as regulations. This is Congress abrogating their duty to "Write Law." All three branches of government have become unconstitutional.
They take money out of our pockets and give it to people who will finance their re-elections and vote for them. That's what they do.
Go EXEMPT on your W-4.
I think you have it all backward. Let the Commies stew. When they blame Republicans they will say they never had their hands on it so the Dems can take it to SCOTUS.
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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

searcherseeker Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 7:22 PM
But you repeat yourself!
They haven't done it to Obama yet.
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