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It already IS out of control.
Not to worry. Let the government do your thinking for you.
Why didn't they "JUST SAY NO!"?
Frieden is the guy who rescued New York City from 32 ounce sodas.
They have just enough of a physique to "Run from Police!"
It's about time the Black Race identifies the REAL enemy of the Black Race. Maybe Juneteenth will become Novemberteenth.
This is a "shape-of-the-table" kind of thing. Get another fan for Scott. Problem solved.
Not that I care. I just wanted to see if anybody knew.
Okay, I'll jump in. Was the tree dead or alive?
"Disabled People as Props"? Don't you mean Disabled People as Human Shields?
"This president is supremely independent," So is a bull in a china shop. So is a loose cannon. So is a runaway train.
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