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But he scratches out the true scores so many times, the PDB looks like it's been redacted!
No matter what Barack Obama does, it scares me.
Certainly not as originally argued before the Supreme Court. I cannot see why a case is not before the court on the illegally modified ACA.
"Yo, soiled doves! Yo, soiled doves!
Close. The terms they confuse are: "I" and "We", as in, "We are the World," and "I am the World."
You underestimate the haughty John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam! His "pinpoint" strikes would be done with pins! If you can't kill 'em, make 'em discomfited!
Let's see. Hamas joins the Palestinian Authority on June 2, 2014 and is legitimized by Barack Obama. Barely a month later, Hamas and Israel are going at it, tooth and nail. Obama has the magic touch. Every thing he touches, turns to feces. There will be no peace in the Middle East until all of one side or the other is dead.
On third thought, if the carts talk, they probably also listen.
With enemies like Barack, Iran doesn't need friends.
Good point. Republican candidates sit back and say, "I would never do that," but never say what they will do. "Lower taxes!" doesn't meant anything. "Have sex without consequence." Now, that's a platform!
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