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Check the nut in front of the keyboard. That's usually it!
Ron Paul is an isolationist, Barack Obama is an interventionist. But Barack Obama nit-picks the enemy, nips at their heels, wags his finger and says, "Tut,tut..."
Because ISIL is what they called themselves while only in Syria. When they went into Iraq, they became ISIS and then IS. To use the two last terms, Obama would be admitting the killers swept into the vacuum Obama created. Obama is a very "See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil." kinda guy.
Ron Paul knows what he is going to say.
Mark Twain, for one, said history does not repeat. But he did say history rhymes!
Except when he is at war with Eurasia!
Liked your speech, Katie. I admire you went against the "Lion of the Senate" to speak for his prey.
Come November we all should open up a can of Political Ridex and clean that septic tank known as Washington, D.C.
Well, if they lied to Congress, aren't they subject to the law?
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