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Anti-Gun Hysteria in Schools Has Gone Too Far

searcherseeker Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 9:24 PM
Point taken. And I didn't use the term "stupid". I said "aren't very smart". Of those, I mean the young, idealistic airheads with ink still drying on their college degrees. Inexperienced people. However, you are the type of teaching candidate I believe I recommended. Thank-you for your service on many battlefields.

In the wake of Sandy Hook, progressives have unsurprisingly placed the blamed on inanimate objects rather than on the mentally disturbed individuals who use them. As such, gun-control proposals and legislation have swept state legislatures throughout the nation, Congress and the White House. But as the gun control debate rages on, common sense seems to have been hijacked by hyper-paranoia and zero-tolerance policies in schools across the nation.

And since there seems to be a gun-hysteria story du jour, here is a compilation of 10 recent incidents that best demonstrate how far off the political correctness deep end people...

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