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Good Economists

Sean338 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 1:41 AM
Armstrong, I really enjoy reading your work, I just wonder where the next Milton Freidman's will come from when you and Thomas Sowell retire. You two are the voices of reason in the confused world that we live in. Thank you for your valuable insight and knowledge.
Pee Wee's war on woman has gotten off to a great start... I prefer to think of BHO to the Flintstons child Bam Bam, he is a two year old with a big club. As such I refer to him as O'Bambam and it really irritates the leftist loons at work, I love it. It's Alinsky 101 isolate and ridicule your enemy and it works both ways. We conservatives need to fight fire with fire. If Mitt Romney thinks he can make the left like him he will loose just like Bob Dole and John McCain lost, these people will never like a Conservative no matter how liberal he leans.
I bet that OWS pinhead's mother is so proud of her son crapping on a cop car..... way to embarrass your family
I took American Studies in the 80's, it turned out to be Woman Studies or How to be a Lesbian in 100 easy step's. We had to read a thesis from a woman who visited an air force base to witness a missile launch. she likened it to a sex act and the missile goes off in a big orgasmic wump.... thrust to weight ratio and everything.... needless to say I dropped that crap and took Peoples of the Pacific instead that was an awesome class, the teacher was a beach bum. but it was real anthropology not PC crap
we have to train the next crop of useful idiots to Occupy what ever.... I bet they have a course "Crap on a Cop Car 101"....
What if it's time to throw off said government and form a new government restoring the power to the governed?
I would love to see Waters and Pelosi doing the perp-walk in orange jumpsuits... Why do people in CA keep sending these Communists back to Washington? I love CA but the nuts have taken over the asylum here in my home state.
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