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What is sad about our country is Obama still gets 47%. If we were truly an intelligent country, he would get about 10% of the vote.
Kudos true Americans.
I think there should be a THOROUGH investigation of this CGI Federal website company. I GUARANTEE you, there are some major ties to folks in the administration that got kick backs.
Vote out the RINO's in 2014. Vote in Tea Party conservatives and eventually, there will be no more RINO's.
If Virginia elects McAuliffe, they will get what they deserve.
Uhhh. Obama is already doing that. Been there, done that.
Looks like a school boy waiting in the principal's office for his mommy to pick him up.
Great job throwing the bums out in Colorado! Hopefully other states will follow. God Bless the USA and the Constitution.
Is there any part in the human body not living? So when 2 living people get together, and something is conceived inside a woman, IT IS LIVING!!!! You cut off a piece of your skin - it dies. Your finger gets cut off - it dies. You lose an eye - it dies. For the life of me, I can't understand how liberals think. Liberalism is a mental disorder.
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