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Good job. Purge the Muslim neighborhoods next
Unfortunately, I think Obama knows, not thinks. have an election tomorrow and he gets 90%+ black vote. That my friend is stupid.
God bless them for supporting life.
"The fundamentals are good....." Complete the sentence ".... in Bizarro world!"
Easy, when campaigning against her, pull no punches and go full force against her.
Krystal Ball - thanks mom and dad (or partner) for the name.
Once you find the true Messiah - Jesus Christ - you need to look no further. These left-wing loons are always looking for the next Messiah. Guess what - THERE IS NONE AND NEVER WILL BE! There is only One. That is why they are always angry, because they are so easily fooled with superficial idols.
If only more kids were like her. Unfortunate, she is 180 degrees from Obama's mission. Obama wants people to be beggars.
I pray for this little girl. This administration could care less about her fate. Their almightly ACA law and its power has been the goal - not individuals' health.
No Wendy, it is the LAW OF THE LAND. You can't change it.
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