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To Promote "Fairness" Lunch Lady Ordered to Stop Making Good Food

Sean245 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:53 AM
When liberals try to throw Bush government expansion in my face I say, you're right, socialism doesn't work no matter who tries it so let's stop trying it. That usually gives them enough pause to allow me to reinforce the concepts of liberty and constitutional constraints on government. Many liberals are not prepared to argue the moral concepts behind freedom and taxation.

Since part of my job at the Cato Institute is to persuade skeptics to support a free society, I’m always trying to figure out how best to convince people to favor liberty over statism.

I start with the premise that most statists are misguided rather than evil and I try to understand how they see the world. If I know what makes them tick, after all, then perhaps I can explain to them how freedom is preferable to big government.

In my efforts to win people’s hearts and minds, I run into the same obstacles over and over again.

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