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Culture of Rudeness Contributing to Government Dependency

Sean245 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 9:16 AM
We have had a systematic lowering of standards in this country. It’s the affirmative action of morality; at first we were told that bad behavior by some groups was in response to years of oppression and they just can’t help it. With no expiration date on grievances that coarseness was later labeled as “culture” and questioning it was a sign of bigoted intolerance. The culture of coarseness became prevalent among athletes, musicians and actors and our children started to emulate that behavior. As parents and teachers we were afraid to correct our children because doing so is to make a judgment on another culture and as such seen as “soft bigotry”. Any member of a worshiped grievance group who sets a positive example is called a sellout, or
Sean245 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 9:17 AM
...or worse, accused of acting white. Remove the two parent home, religion, and standards and all of us, black, white, Latino and Asian are in a race to the bottom.
As rudeness is becoming increasingly common in our culture, Americans are finding it more difficult to work with each other. Far too many people now lack morals and manners. The U.S. has become a materialistic culture full of self-interest and lacking in respect for humanity. The outward manifestation of this is an inability to get along with others.

This culture of rudeness has deeply impacted the workplace environment. Too many Americans cannot hold jobs because both employers and employees refuse to behave civilly towards each other. There is less forgiveness and there are fewer efforts being made to solve...