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CNN, DHS and SPLC's Blame-Righty Hit Job

Sean245 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 7:27 AM
The lesson here is that you don't dare threaten to withhold one precious dollar form the DHS budget or your group will be smeared and targeted. They learned well from the IRS; these agencies are in charge and the people can go to blazes! Another point for you progressives/liberals; if you have to lie, omit truth, and alter facts to support your world view, your world view just might be wrong. Freedom, self determination, Judeo-Christian morality, the rule of law, hard work, personal accountability and responsibility require no secrete documents, half truths or lies by omission. These truths are self evident. Thank God for Michelle and people like her calling out these liars.
The Constitution has failed to keep government in check, I agree. But our Founders warned us such a thing would happen for the exact reasons they have happened. This Constitution was made for a moral God-fearing nation, it is wholly inadequate for any other. We don't need to overhaul the Constitution, I shutter to think what this immoral class-envy, give-me-free-stuff society would replace it with. What we need is to return to being a decent moral people with standards of behavior for ourselves and our politicians. Yes I know, not everyone has been perfect all the time, but we went from 13 agrarian colonies to the world's super power in record time, we must have been doing something right.
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Giuliani Versus Obama

Sean245 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 9:50 AM
Let me address the elephant in the room; if we fear riots for impeaching Obama than we have to ask ourselves why? The answer is black bigotry, supremecy, and institutionalized hatred of white people among most black Americans. If a white mayor was impeached by black citizens and a city council through a legitimate legal process, white people would not riot. There was no rioting at Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Yet we fear black rioting if Obama is impeached through a legitimate legal process. In essence, that means we have no legitimate government but we are at the mercy of mob rule by a minority of bullies. These bullies will never be appeased (reference the Romans and the Goths) their hatred will only simmer until it inevitably boils over. We cannot live under this mob rule and still claim a Republic. We must boldly do what is right and meet the consequences with force and determination. After which we rebuild holding no grudges and malice toward none.
Not confirming this woman is a no-brainer, so I fully expect the Republican Senate to rubber stamp her approval. They will explain their equivocation like this: You see the way Washington works is very complicated. We had to confirm her so that when when we have the Presidency the Dems will approve our nominees, they have given us a solemn pinky swear that they will.
As with any item written by Ron Paul the inevitable name calling from both sides will ensue so allow me some definition of terms. RiNO- Republican in Name Only. These are people who run on conservative principles but then vote and act progressive once in office. Simple enough. Neocon- New Conservative. This term is more nuanced. This is a term used by many libertarians to distance themselves with from conservatives that they actually have more in common with than not. Neocon can be applied to anyone who has any disagreement with Ron Paul or anyone that pop culture says is uncool. Many young libertarians are deeply invested in pop culture; they enjoy the music, movies, television shows, and video games of today. Most of modern entertainment portrays conservatives as old Christian fuddy-duddies who want to ruin everyone’s good time, and young libertarians don’t want to be associated with those buzz-killing geezers! So they use the term neocon and liberally apply it to any conservative that makes them uncomfortable. It’s sort of like ignoring the nerd table in high school. True Reagan-Coolidge conservatives would advance libertarian causes than a thousand Barak Obamas ever could. But unlike our progressive adversaries who can unite under a banner, Libertarians and some Republicans would rather throw mud at each other than get together and move the ball in the right direction.
Obama's only failure, are you kidding?
Umm so you think spending as much or less than you take in is BS? So you think that massive government can continually expand without consequences? So fewer people working full time, more people on the government dole than ever before is a good thing? Reagan was the last conservative President we have had. He turned around the Carter economy and put America on such a success trajectory that it took Bush senior and two terms of Clinton to finally derail it. Bush when he caved into the Demorats with his famous; "Read my lips no new taxes" flip flop. Clinton expanded the Fair Housing Act which forced banks to make loans to unqualified people setting up the housing bubble that caused the current Carter-like recession. Free markets and individual freedom tempered with morality works; for evidence you're enjoying the benefits of it right now. The socialism you love so much; move to Cuba and see how you like it.
I agree with much of that. So why are all the arguments for legalization based on these great health benefits; just say we want to get high. The laws are not a complete failure. Like I said in my first post drugs are a means of finance for violent criminals, just like boot leg liquor. Also, like I said in my first post, the mafia did not disappear when prohibition ended, and the Bloods, Crips, and Latin Kings will not evaporate even if you made every drug legal tomorrow. Saying that drugs make violent criminals is like saying America made all the terrorists. If you want to make drugs legal, fine, but no welfare and no government healthcare for drug users and for God's sake be honest in your arguments.
Yes all the pictures of health that came out of the opium dens in the early 20th century are great proof of that. OK, so they chew coca leaves in South America does that mean the people who are snorting it and cooking into rocks on the streets of the U.S. are enjoying consequence free health benefits? I'm all about natural herbs, home remedies but that's not whet we're talking about; would you really treat a loved one with street-bought heroin? Are the unmotivated slackers hitting bongs in their parent's basement doing it for digestive reasons? If so do the digestive advantages outweigh the damage to their lungs and brains? I didn't see a lot of health nuts as heroin addicts, meth heads, and crack heads. I saw desperate people on edge of life wasting away to an early death. They made rope from hemp too, so smoke up! Crack cocaine can be used as snow balls in Christmas arts and crafts projects so hit that pipe!
As a veteran of the drug war I have a few points about this prohibition culture and legalizing drugs as a panacea for all our problems. First, asset forfeiture started out, like all government activities, in a very limited way. It went from selling cars used by drug dealers to offset the cost of enforcement and community outreach to a huge money grab. Now local agencies enter into unholy alliances with the feds to go after the highest grossing assets, not the most dangerous or violent offenders. It is, as mentioned, a gross overreach and violation of our God-given rights. Second, this medical marijuana garbage is just that, garbage. If you want to legalize that poison go ahead but let's not pretend. Your doctor doesn't prescribe street heroin for you pain but an opiate based pain killer. Whatever benefits MJ has can be synthesized like every other drug. Let's stop telling our kids marijuana is health food. Third, most drug laws do not make dangerous criminals. Convenience stores are legal and yet they are an epicenter for gun crime. When prohibition was repealed the mafia didn't just disappear, and if drugs are legalized violent gangs like the Bloods and Crips will not suddenly take up flower arranging. I agree that a pot head should not be thrown in jail for frying her own brain but lets make rational distinctions and have honest discussions. These Congressman going after forfeiture is just and right, our system used as it was intended. Citizens lobbying and voting for MJ legalization is also how our system is designed. I do think that all welfare payments and food stamps should be stopped for any drug user. Every pothead on welfare is not engaging in a victimless crime; she is violating the property rights of every tax paying citizen. I could go on about this issue but I have bored you all enough for one Sabbath.
As someone who walked those Afghan poppy fields I can say that it would be a tiny minority (or 0) of troops that helped themselves to any of it. With random urine tests, a general disdain for drug users in the military, and the near impossibility of hiding it a communal living environment your smear of our military is unfounded . This isn't a Hollywood Vietnam war movie. Could it happen, sure anything can but it is highly (no pun intended) unlikely. Now you medical MJ to gun ownership link is clearly valid; the government would like nothing more than for all of us to be vacant stoners unwilling to defend ourselves.
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