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Robot Wars in China

sean242 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 4:24 AM
The distortion was caused by the conspiracy between govt and unions. At the time, this was barely skilled labor. I can personally attest to this by virtue of briefly working for Firestone in Wyandotte, MI in 1972. Never did I have a job that so convinced me to achieve a higher education than that job. As labor and legacy costs continued to increase via union contract, manufacturers sought ways to reduce those escalating costs and used mechanization. This was resisted by unions vigorously. But for the UAW, United Steelworkers, etc., we'd probably be driving technologically superior cars/trucks made almost exclusively by robots at higher quality and less cost.

With increasing frequency I see articles on how robots are taking jobs once held by humans. Typically I batch a few of them up for comments, and I have a new set now.

Last week, on the manufacturing front I reported "Baxter" the Robot Out to Get Your Minimum-Wage, No Benefits, Part-Time Job, Because He's Still Much Cheaper; Fed Cannot Win a Fight Against Robots.

Alpha the Custom Burger Flipping Robot

Here is a similar story in the service industry...

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