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Partisan bureaucrats in the CIA and State Dept completely subverted the Bush administration's efforts in Iraq and against the War on Terror in general. Check out Kenneth Timmerman's book, "Shadow Warriors" for the facts. Those bureaucrats are still in charge under Obama and Clinton, except they are working for them, not against them like Bush. The traitorous democrats screwed up everything that was won, as usual. BTW, there is clear and convincing evidence that Saddam was seeking "yellow cake" and had, and was making, wmd. That they did not exist is a lie.
An establishment may have the right to regulate open and concealed carry of its patrons. It could allow one or the other, both, or neither. It should be posted conspicuously so patrons, and potential bad guys, will know before entering. Something like an express assumption of the risk when one chooses which place to frequent.
"Gender" was probably not the best choice for Hawkins to use. Sex would be more basic. One cannot change their sex, only the external sexual organs. Other secondary sexual characteristics cannot be altered. One is either an XX or an XY, except in exceptionally rare triploid cases. Add-a-dictomies cannot change that. As for the Gay Bullies, they are real and are allied with the government, and operate with the tacit and explicit assent and force of the government. They are about forcing their POV on a society that has generally rejected it by popular agreement. On the other hand, the NRA, Tea Party, and "Climate Deniers", are pushing back against an agenda forced upon the people by the government under control of an unelected subversive bureaucratic class attempting to undermine and deny our rights guaranteed in the Constitution. IOW, the NRA, Tea Party, and Climate Truthers activities are in opposition to an out of control bully government. The Gay Bullies, Gun Grabbers, and Climate Changlings operate with the force of government behind them.
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Three Cords And The Truth

sean242 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 10:33 AM
Other than more test time what other treatment did she receive? I'm certain many students would benefit from more test time regardless of alleged ADD or ADHD. My older son was also diagnosed with ADHD when he was in jr. high school in the 1990s. It was popular diagnosis for boys that acted like boys at the time. He was brilliant and did quite well on tests (his IQ was tested at 130+ in first grade). His problems were in the behavioral area, which I now know were related to his gender and intelligence. Schools have been trying to force boys to think and behave in ways more in tune with girls and he was a square peg they kept trying to force into a round hole. At this point, my facts are anecdotal; so are yours. They are both suspect.
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Another Company Abandons California

sean242 Wrote: Apr 30, 2014 3:14 AM
We moved from Ventura to the Hill Country, Texas in 2011 after Moonbeam was re-elected. Took a hell of a loss on our home, but managed to escape with enough to purchase a small ranch free and clear. As a 2nd gen CA native I hated to leave, but CA today is not the state I was born and raised in. Due to restructuring and a change in business model my prior firm laid off all my clerical staff by closing my Culver City office. Most have yet to get a new job. We also lived in the Southbay-Redondo Beach-for many years and our former neighbor works for Toyota in Torrance. I wonder if they will offer her relocation to Texas. Palos Verde peninsula is full of Toyota and many other Asian corporate execs. Look for the for sale signs very soon.
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Do Something

sean242 Wrote: Apr 21, 2014 10:30 AM
That assumes that the pregnant woman can actually identify the sperm donor ("head of the family"). Just because pregnancies can be unexpected does not mean they are unwanted within a marriage, which you connect with ,"absolved ...responsibility", "guilt", "shame and regret." Doesn't sound like a marriage to me. Ultimately, it is the woman who is the final gatekeeper on the path to pregnancy. To paraphrase A. Breitbart, "Facts aren't mean, they're just facts." When negative consequences are severed from the actions which directly cause them, you get more of the actions. This is where we have arrived. In my youth, pregnancies out of wedlock were rare and were universally frowned upon. That did not mean that young pregnant girls were marked or stoned, but it meant such conduct was unacceptable. If the acknowledged father wasn't up to marrying the girl, often the girl went to live with relatives until the baby arrived and adoptions were often arranged. The girl usually returned to her family older and wiser. The government had little to no involvement. Many churches offered residential services for such "in trouble" girls that included continuation of their educations if they were still in high school.
I wouldn't be too sure about that. As I recall my time at Cal in the early 70's, students could purchase low cost health care plans through the university itself. Also, they had a large clinic to treat students on a walk-in basis. Nothing wrong with health insurers covering adult dependents on a master policy as long as the terms are freely negotiated and premiums properly rated. When the government mandates such coverages, liberty and the market fail. But I guess that's the point, isn't it?
Libel and slander (Defamation) are civil wrongs with civil remedies. Truth is an absolute defense.
When we lived in the South Bay, Jane Harman was our congressman. They must have really tortured the boundaries to move that area into Waxman's district. He was always on the Valley side of the Santa Monicas.
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Gays for Late Term Abortion?

sean242 Wrote: Jan 27, 2014 4:49 PM
What possible argument can succeed that claims a shoe is a cat merely because of belief?
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You're Right to Choose This Movie

sean242 Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 7:56 AM
Does being an "expert" in one's own life confer the right to kill another person because they are an inconvenience?
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