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Behind the Benghazi Cover-up

sean242 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:02 PM
That Hillary has now "owned up" to this fiasco, what, pray tell, does that mean? Does it mean she will step down? No, no, that would be political suicide if she harbors an intent to run in 2016. Then what will be the consequences? What punishment can she be subject to? It appears it will be self-administered as the WH is quite silent. Maybe Obama will announce tonight during the "debate" that Hillary will be put on "restriction" or "time out" for a week. Or will it amount to allowing herself to be called before Congress to plead "mea culpa" , WITH AN EXPLANATION. "Those durned intelligence operatives just didn't get it right and although the 'buck stops here', I had no idea our Ambassador and staff were in trouble."
Jay Wye Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 8:20 PM
Hillary,like all "progressives" is all about APPEARANCES,not actual results.
her "accepting responsibility" is a SHAM,just empty words to pacify and divert blowback from the Libya fiasco-failure.
modernmover Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 11:10 PM
Why can't the come up with the name of the person who made the decision about additional security. Another "nobody knows" situation. Somebody has to have a signature on some paperwork somewhere
sean242 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:05 PM
Cont'd: It brings to mind the scene from the movie "The Blues Brothers" wherein the Belushi character is cornered in a sewer by the Carrie Fisher character armed with a fully automatic AR and he uses every excuse anyone has ever used or heard as to why he ran off. That will Hillary before Congress. BUT, "the buck stops here"!
On Sept. 11, scores of men with automatic weapons and RPGs launched a night assault on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and set the building ablaze. Using mortars, they launched a collateral attack on a safe house, killing two more Americans, as other U.S. agents fled to the airport.

On Sept. 14, White House press secretary Jay Carney said the attack came out of a spontaneous protest caused by an anti-Muslim video on YouTube.

On Sept. 16, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice told the entire nation the attack had not been premeditated or preplanned but emanated from a...