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Let Freedom Ring!

sdickens Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 10:02 PM
gaurded buildings in the U.SA.) Unfortunately, no c.c.TV footage of the actual plane, exist. The wreckage and parts,luggage and bodies were never found. Cell phone calls were made, at altitudes and speeds that ere usally impossible (over 2,000 feet/over 230 M.P.H. We still don't know how they did this. Unfortunately for plutocracy OOOPs I mean Democracy that this is the official line- on 911. Stop wild conspiracy theories such as the one above. Insist on Scientific truth. ( if you don't then the real perpatrators will continue to change your peaceful world from pre 911 to post 911.

How about that? Not just Barack Obama can "reset" American policy toward Russia, or give it more "flexibility," to quote his not-so-confidential promise to that country's newest czar. (Our president didn't realize he was talking into an open mike at the time.) It turns out that, in this remarkably well-designed government of divided powers, Est. 1787, Congress can do a little resetting itself.

Now that co-equal branch of government has reset the terms of trade with Russia, formerly the Soviet Union of unlamented memory, sic semper tryannis. Congress even got the president to sign on to the effort.

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