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Let Freedom Ring!

sdickens Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 9:42 PM
How's this for a 911 conspiracy theory? 19 Arab muslims outwitted the most, sophisticated military defence system in the world.They defeated the laws of physics, by having collaspsing buildings fall at free fall rate. They defeated the laws of chemistry, by melting steel girders (2750f) with aviation fuel (1517f). They brought down 3 W.T.C. buildings, #1,2 and 7 by hitting only two of them. Each building happened to fall neatly, into it's own footprint. All of the hijackers who were on board, we're not sure yet why none of their names appeared on any of the flight manifests. At least five of the hijackers, turned up alive and well, after their suicide missions on 911.Some interveiwed by the B.B.C. A plane hit the Pentagon, (one of the most

How about that? Not just Barack Obama can "reset" American policy toward Russia, or give it more "flexibility," to quote his not-so-confidential promise to that country's newest czar. (Our president didn't realize he was talking into an open mike at the time.) It turns out that, in this remarkably well-designed government of divided powers, Est. 1787, Congress can do a little resetting itself.

Now that co-equal branch of government has reset the terms of trade with Russia, formerly the Soviet Union of unlamented memory, sic semper tryannis. Congress even got the president to sign on to the effort.

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