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Because it is obvious that AG Eric Holder will NOT prosecute any Congressional charges against a member of the Administration, I suggest that Chairman Issa issue an Order to the Capitol Police (controlled by Congress) to arrest Sebelius the nex time she comes into the Capitol building...place her in the basement holding pen until she produces the documents requested. This would force AG Holder to seek a Judicial Order based on Habeas Corpus, to obtain her release .... fireworks and lots of fun for all!
The problems at DOJ and other Agencies of the Federal government go beyond the top level of appointees ... there are multitudes of dishonest officials pursuing their own political agendas by hook or by crook...
The sections you cite pertain to corporations, not individuals - what does this have to do with whistleblowing in ATF? ... what are you all about?
The professional way would have been a .22 caliber bullet in his head ... he's lucky that those bureaucrats are inept and simply have put themselves further into the spotlight ....Revenge is a two way street.
Good reason not to eat at Denny's beside the fact that the food sucks.
Keller ... the issue is government mandating the diet of the citizens ... that is simply NOT within the power granted by the Constitution to the Congress and Executive Branch; This power grab has become one of the unintended consequences of allowing the federal government to insert itself into our State organized education system.
Michelle's law license was apparently voluntarily terminated ... I wonder why?
Jerry .... Many Spaniards are caucasian ... and thus, many hispanics are caucasian .... being born in Mexico doesn't by itself change one's racial characteristics ....
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