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What's the Real Race Issue Here?

sdeal Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 9:24 PM
I wonder why Warren hasn't admitted to the crimes of the Democratic Party since 1787....where that Party has consistently voted to maintain slavery, oppress Black vote through violence, intimidation, and yes, the Democrats started the KKK.....Even today the Congressional Record blares the accusation: Democrats have never supported equality or rights for Blacks. We are going through the American Heritage know, the ORIGINAL Documents of our Nation. It's all there...the Good and the Ugly. When the Civil War ended, Blacks found shelter under the Republican Banner, and became Senators, Representatives, Statesmen, and did our country proud. Southern and Northern Democrats voted to suppress Blacks.

Twice Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren have faced off in televised debates, and twice the Massachusetts Senate candidates traded blows over Warren's claim to American Indian ancestry within seconds of the opening bell. The Republican incumbent and his Democratic challenger have launched dueling campaign ads calling even more attention to the issue, and there has even been a mini-kerfuffle over the low-rent antics of a few Brown staff members, who were filmed war-whooping and tomahawk-chopping at a campaign event in Dorchester.

Plainly the question of Warren's Cherokee heritage isn't going away any time soon. I'll be surprised if...