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We as Christians cannot throw out the "Christian" point of view any more....they aren't listening. We must answer from the superior Moral position of Absolute Truth. Check out the Truth Project The Left has nothing to stand on.....but you have to take the first step and glean the knowledge!
A poor argument because the normalization of murder, the degrading of the human position, and desensitization to abortion are not moral arguments. Only the Political Left used relativism to justify poor choice. Failure to argue the position, but create a straw man argument is a stalwart position of the Left. Since they cannot stand up to Truth (big "T") they create a new position, redefine terms (that no one had agreed upon in the first place), and argue from the relative position with truth ( little "t"). The argument SEEMS Ok...until you have the time to think about it.....notice that all the Lefts political speeches take on the semblance of a Snake Oil Salesman when you put up their arguments next to Truth....
Americans are beginning to see the real platform of the radical left, the Progressives. Their continual scream that conservatives are racist is falling on deaf ears....because the real war on women, Blacks and minorities is a heritage of the Political Left. Here is the hate, bigotry, and racism clearly defined, and adopted by the Democratic Platform:
In order to sway the public to pay the new income tax FDR caused the delineation of income brackets....and now the Democrats determined who would be poor, and middle class, and rich.... and they continue in the Tradition of the Progressives to tell you what, and who you are. These brackets are bogus, political, and pointless. A war on those who would start a business, and create jobs. Notice how the Progressives like Pryor are attacking everything good? And calling everything we call good bad? The definition of Middle Class at the turn of the 1900's .....was someone whose investments determined income. How radically FDR changed that....and now if your making $200,000 your Middle Class....a pointless argument....
We have put up with this man for years....and we still get the same thing....pandering to the Government Handout.... Is Cotton the right man? I don't know. I do know that Pryor has damaged our Liberties so much....well for starters: The National Blue ways Water Bill...removing in one sweeping bill the rights of land owners/ homeowners on the water. Another Progressive land grab, not to mention the BLM land grab etc, etc And that is just ONE subject matter. We could go on and on...welfare, Obamacare, taxes, legislation , schools.
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