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When Untruth Undermines Democracy

sdc4steve Wrote: Jun 20, 2013 7:39 AM
This is just symptomatic of the whole democratic party. Remember “Bush lied people died” and “Mission accomplished” lies by the whole of democrats? When the base is so willing to mouth lies, why would the leadership care? They don’t seem to want to hold BO accountable either.
Please remember that slavery existed before the US did. It was the creation of the US that eventually ended slavery here. That was the world the Founders were born into. They had no control over that. What they left behind was system totally incompatible with slavery. Abolitionists were very active at the time, and within a few years (5-7 years, no internet, etc. all communication on horseback, and assemblies met for short periods only) after the signing the lines were clearly drawn between the states that had outlawed slavery and those that allowed it. The US Constitution had several poison pills that doomed slavery. Referring to "persons" held in bondage, outlawing the importation of persons by a date certain, being two. The hope at...
MoGovern-- The US Constitution has no refrence to sex or color. There was no need for a change to allow for a balck (or female) president. Under the original women certainly should have been allowed to vote as would black persons. It is easy to find a PDF copy of the US Constitution on the internet and enter seach terms. It refers to persons or people only.
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The Recall Heard Around the World

sdc4steve Wrote: Jun 10, 2012 3:27 PM
Oh, so it’s not the altruistic politician, the ever-trustworthy corporations, bankers, or media; it’s the teachers, fire, police, garbage, water and sewer workers, and their unions that care about money only. Taxes are paid not because the politician needs their paycheck, or the workers need their benefits. Taxes must be paid for the essential and vital services that they buy. Compensation is based on need, responsibilities, and the benefits to any payer. A long term relationship is mutually beneficial due to employer investment in the employee, and a long-term natural increase in compensation for the employee. People who provide the essential and vital services are doing real work, building, protecting, and preparing those that in the...
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GOP Whistling Past the End of America

sdc4steve Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 8:06 PM
Am a lifer Republican, but no conservative. A flag wagging, law and order type, that believes that the constitution is not “a list of suggestions” somehow to be gotten around, because of my better ideas or traditions. Never was so foolish as to think that the essential and vital services you take so for granted would not cost money, and lots of it, or that creating good stable jobs in my local community with my tax dollar was a bad for the economy, but something that keeps taxes and governance close to the people it supposed to serve. Public employees do not equally benefit with the private sector during boom –times, either. A large part of the work-force less affected by the swings of the economy is a good thing. I have seen what State...
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Sacrificial Scams

sdc4steve Wrote: May 19, 2012 8:07 AM
You are laughably clueless on this issue. Way to insult the army of municipal and county workers that are diligently doing the real work of providing you with clean drinking water, wastes disposal, traffic control, safe homes and streets… It is a testament to how well the work is being done that you can take so for granted the products and services that are integral to your quality of life. Get your priorities right and what do you want to pay for? We are not producing gewgaws or doodads for your amusement. Many do this type of work, because they refuse to be an automaton in your version of capitalism. But, I do agree with that you that from the Civil War, and before, especially the federal government, has been a sinkhole of graft and...
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