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What's an Assault Weapon?

SdAufKla Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 11:04 AM
As with all prog-lib demands which cannot stand on principle, they resort to emotional arguments and pleas compromise and concessions based on emotions. Here the argument is based on the emotions of aesthetics: fashion and appearance. "Those evil assault guns just look so threatening." However, once their opponents make concessions to their own principles to satisfy the emotional demand, the prog-libs then use those concessions against them in later demands. After all, the prog-lib says, you've already compromised your principle so you can no longer stand on it. After that, the prog-libs have won and the principled opposition is dead. All else then becomes relative. This is no different.

Last week, Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced a new, supposedly improved version of the federal "assault weapon" ban that expired in 2004. But like that earlier law, which the California Democrat also sponsored, Feinstein's bill prohibits the manufacture and sale of guns based on characteristics that have little or nothing to do with the danger they pose.

Although arbitrary distinctions are a defining characteristic of "assault weapon" bans, recent polls indicate that most Americans support them. New survey data suggest one possible explanation: Most Americans don't know what "assault weapons" are.

Feinstein's bill would ban "157 dangerous military-style assault weapons" by name,...