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Optimal Binders Full of Fail

SdAufKla Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 11:24 AM
"The mentality that all you need to do is feed women a can of contraception kibble and they’ll be loyal is the real war on women." This has always been the Dem's strategy for political power: Divide the public into ever-smaller "minority" constituencies (creating them if necessary) and then promising them what ever it is they want and paying for that with money taken from others. It's the strategy of greed and envy built on a rhetoric of fear and hate: " Love yourself and be greedy for what you want. Be envious of others who have more than you. Be afraid of others who say they're tired of paying for your personal agenda, and then hate them for denying you what you want. Vote Obama!"
George257 Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 12:17 PM
Yes, it is a creed based on divisiveness, covetousness and envy. There is nothing positive in liberalism, nothing good or clean or truthful. It is like a drug which makes you feel good for a little while while it destroys you from within. It is a creed for untruthful, dishonest, disloyal, unworthy people.

Progressives are not having a good week.

After a debate “victory” for President Obama, which amounted to simply being caffeinated because the bar was set so low after the first debate, his Libya lies are still haunting him. Yes, moderator Candy Crowley saved his bacon in the moment, but she ended up costing him by forcing a reluctant media to continue to cover the story. He may have won the night, but he lost the week because of it.

Had the president simply taken responsibility for his administration’s security failures, apologized, said it would haunt him and shape his actions...