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Gun Laws and Human Nature

SdAufKla Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 8:13 PM
The IRS can use cyber-space and computers to track 300+ million law-abiding citizens buying stuff on Amazon (without anyone knowing about it), but law enforcement is incapable of monitoring for and detecting someone like Adam Lanza conducting pre-attack research and surveillance for a terrorist act at an elementary school. But wait, of course, all we need are some more laws... Because, God forbid that some cop make a judgement call about some insane person having access to weapons. We surely don't want to invade the privacy of the "sociopathic-challenged" members of society. That would be, well, judgmental...

In 1983 when President Reagan ordered the deployment of missiles in Europe as part of his "peace through strength" strategy to counter the Soviet Union, the very liberal town of Takoma Park, Md., declared itself a "nuclear free zone." City officials passed an ordinance known as The Takoma Park Nuclear Free Zone Act, which said, " on nuclear weapons is prohibited within the city limits..."

If North Korea follows through on its threat to nuke the United States (or had Russia in the '80s launched a nuclear attack), Takoma Park would not be "nuclear free" for long, but the ordinance made...

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