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Pick one Lolo, anyone other than the current one, would be far more honorable. And yes, even Bush is far more honorable than Obama. Can you give me one legitimate criticism of Bush that Obama has made better?
Vlad has chunks of mom jean wearin' girly-boys like Prez-O in his stool.
Presidential tantrums do have consequences.
It's just too bad this gentleman soldier could not have been handed this award by a more honorable President.
Specialist Kyle J. White makes me proud to be an American. It's soldiers like this that make our current VA findings, such a travesty. Lets hope if he needs any follow-up care, it comes in a timely manner.
Obama's next move: "#sanctions"
O's buddy Warren owns the BNSF. You falla?
It will also be brought in on trains owned by Prez-O's buddy Warren. Now does it make more sense?
Most of the people who vote for Dems don't want jobs, they expect their livelihoods to be funded by others.
Again, give us the links to the cover-up when these tragedies occurred, lowlow. You really don't see the difference do you?
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