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Spoken like a true 'Soccer Mom'.
Yes, he is so transparent that everyone can see right thru him.
Who are you quoting here, Lois? Do you know the difference between a deserter and a POW? Bergdahl was not captured on the battlefield, He left his post and sought out the enemy. See any difference there?
But there was two sides to this deal. To keep parroting the "leave no man behind" mantra clouds the other half of; why are we now freeing Terrorists to return to the same activities that we originally incarcerated them for? Has the earth, all of the sudden, begun rotating in the opposite direction?
Question for the lib trolls. Where in the hell does your side find these out of touch dingbats?
The truth has NEVER advanced the cause of liberalism.
Plausible denial. It's what's kept President Participation Trophy afloat all along.
Only if you are abiding by the law, BBBrad.
And the other difference, if you recall, is Nixon resigned. To say Tricky D-ic-k did not accept responsibility, is like saying Slick Willie was monogamous.
It's also what 'single-payer' healthcare looks like.
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