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Ok, so they told us 30M were uninsured, before the roll-out of the PPACA. After the roll-out, 5M, who were insured prior to the roll-out, lost their coverage. 8 million have now signed up. If you subtract the 5 million who had to re-sign up, you end up with 3M of the original 30M uninsured who now have "signed up". That makes 10% of the original target who are now "signed up". Other studies showed the 30% of that group have not paid, after "signing up". So that results in 1 out of 30 of the uninsured (that this whole program was targeting), now have insurance. Yeah, this baby's workin' alright.
And at least Senator Cruz had the where-with-all to read a nice children's story. "We do not like Obamacare, Sam I am"
Good on ya smitty. Gotta quit feedin' the machine. I celebrated by buying a nice SIG .45 for myself, and a Henry Mini-bolt in "muddy girl" cammo for my daughter's 11th birthday.
And Wendy is a far cry from "most women", I'd like to think.
So, Barbie the Baby Butcher is not looked on with great fondness by Texans. I'm shocked. God Bless Texas!
I think there was a typo in his tweet. He meant to say Happy Pussover.
I'm right there with ya, Tin, but far too many people make a nice living off our current tax code, so I don't ever see this happening and therefore am not holding my breath.
And if you ask the lefties, that TEA Party is just a bunch fringe whackos.
Dang, blew up on me the first time. or at least I thought it did.
If Colorado doesn't start turning back from it's current "progressive" slide, me and my family may be headin' that direction. God Bless Texas!
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