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She is a newsperson not a sports reporter, cut her some slack. All the ladies like Brady! Can't she have an opinion without you sports nuts giving her a bad time? Geesh!
Right on. Megan is a very smart and accomplished woman. I don't bother listening to the rest of the MSM and their leftist agenda and blatant agenda.
Arby - Maybe you should read Megan's bio. She is very accomplished and very smart! Maybe you just don't agree with her and that is why you can't figure out why Fox has her on in a prime spot. She sure beats the heck out of the ABC MSM reporting.
Steve - Thank you. I flagged it too. Tired of these people wasting our time.
Primus 54 - I would say you haven't learned much in your 61 years! No need to be snarky, that's a Dem habit.
Scott - You are just another parrot for this Administration. We are in a mess and you refuse to see it that Obama is responsible.
A judge has just told the Obama administration that his EO for amnesty is unconstitutional a week ago! Dems don't pay attention and have selective memory. Many of his EO's have been shot down by the courts including parts of the ACA!
Obama's EO with regards to amnesty was just called unconstitutional by a judge. He pushes the limits of lawlessness to see what the courts or the Congress will let him get away with even though most Americans do not support his agenda!! We are not getting any representation from Obama. Only his big donors and special interests get his ear!
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Are Race Relations Worse Under Obama?

SCSOCAL Wrote: Dec 08, 2014 3:45 PM
This has been the most racist Administration and President in our history! Obama hates whites and has always sided with the blacks on any issue. Unfortunately the blacks have faired poorly under him. Their unemployment numbers are about 14%. No one hates Obama because he is black Kmassey! WE hate his policies. He is a complete and utter failure! The least transparent Administration we have ever had I our history! We have more people on unemployment, disability and food stamps in our history. Do your own research instead of listening to the MSM and parroting everything they say!
You must have just graduated from our government run schools where you were brainwashed by your teachers! The sun controls whether we are in a warming period or cooling period. The other planets are doing the same thing we are. Can't be man made as Al Gore and scientists looking for government grants claim. The Dems said we were going in to a cooling period in the 7's. Have to give them credit for persistence and stupidity!!
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