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You must have just graduated from our government run schools where you were brainwashed by your teachers! The sun controls whether we are in a warming period or cooling period. The other planets are doing the same thing we are. Can't be man made as Al Gore and scientists looking for government grants claim. The Dems said we were going in to a cooling period in the 7's. Have to give them credit for persistence and stupidity!!
All the other planets are warming and cooling to the same degree we are! The sun controls this and those that doubt it please send your information.
AMEN!! For Obama's socialism to succeed, the middle class will become the poor. That's how it works. Even though Obama professes to want to help the middle class in all of his speeches. The young are not buying in to his agenda either. Obama will become another failed POTUS just like Jimmy Carter. The Dems don't have any new ideas, just the old failed policies of the past!! Continuing to do the same things expecting different results is just insanity!
If Joe is only going to be a spoiler, then I doubt he will accomplish anything. Conservatives are gaining more support and donations than ever! They have a plan to defeat RINO's and liberals.
Zealous, where do you think the Us vs. Them mentality came from?? This is the libs and Obamas strategy. Divide and conquer. Create envy and entitlement!!
Peter906 - Obamacare is not a free market solution! You do not have lots of choices, the government dictates who and what will be covered! The law has a commission set up to decide if you get a treatment or not! You cannot sue the government like you can private enterprise.This law is full of taxes which have not even been realized yet. It does not make healthcare insurance cheaper, it makes it more costly. Premiums are up and so are deductibles. The goal of Obamacare is to get rid of insurance companie and have a single payer system You must buy insurance or be fined!! That is not free market in any sense of the word. I could go on and on but you have been fed propaganda and obviously don't do your own research or even understand what a free market is!!
NotAllergic - If there is global warming and all the other planets are warming the same, then it must be the sun. The sun controls the heat that goes to all the planets. It is not man made and we cannot control the sun! Do a little more research before you attack others. Greenland used to be green instead of covered in ice. We have gone through periods of warming and cooling, this has been documented. In the 70's the media was screaming global cooling!
Tell that to Obama! He is sure working as hard as he can to turn our country in to a soclialist state. Here we Americans thought that someone outside our borders would try to take over our country, but it appears we are wrong. The enemy is from within and is doing their best to achieve this goal.
The Republicans have let the libs define them but you have to admit when you have the unions, the blacks, George Soros and the MSM in your pocket, it is hard to beat them. The never shut down their campaign machine. Do you notice that Obama is always campaigning on our dime?????
Sashamanda -Sounds like we have a liberal drone posting here. No body runs a more dirty and more dishonest campaign than the Dems. The end always justify the means to them. They use the unions, their big donors and the MSM propaganda arm of the Dems to do their dirty work!
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