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Obama has ignored court orders before, when he appointed board members to the NRLB and said Congress wasn't in session. The judge said they were in session and that his appointees were there illegally and he needed to remove them! He never did.
I like Scott Walker and Trey Gowdy! They are both natural born Americans who would have our country's best interest at heart! Ted Cruz is smart but he isn't a natural born citizen. He can still do some good in Congress.
When I think of a loser I think of Al Gore and some other Dems candidates they have put forth! The biggest loser of all is occupying the WH right now. Don't elect anymore fake Americans who take our country down !
She is no helping the blacks by encouraging illegals to work here! Blacks have the highest unemployment under Obama! Maybe they will finally get the message that Obama does not really care for them too much!
She is a newsperson not a sports reporter, cut her some slack. All the ladies like Brady! Can't she have an opinion without you sports nuts giving her a bad time? Geesh!
Right on. Megan is a very smart and accomplished woman. I don't bother listening to the rest of the MSM and their leftist agenda and blatant agenda.
Arby - Maybe you should read Megan's bio. She is very accomplished and very smart! Maybe you just don't agree with her and that is why you can't figure out why Fox has her on in a prime spot. She sure beats the heck out of the ABC MSM reporting.
Steve - Thank you. I flagged it too. Tired of these people wasting our time.
Primus 54 - I would say you haven't learned much in your 61 years! No need to be snarky, that's a Dem habit.
Scott - You are just another parrot for this Administration. We are in a mess and you refuse to see it that Obama is responsible.
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