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'Real School Employees of Buffalo': Taxpayers Pick Up Tab for Plastic Surgeries, 5-Star Hotels and Limousines

scrowley Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 3:34 PM
You are a complete moron. What was the success rate of all the financial giants who were too big to fail when they cost the taxpayers 750 billion to bail them out and all of their useless spineless nutless executives came and lined up for their multi million dollar bonuses and got them no questions asked? Where those companies doing a great job? Are any of those criminals in jail? No they weren't even fired they were paid bonuses. Oh and by the way YOU SUCK.

Check out this jaw-dropping story from

Just call them the “Real School Employees of Buffalo.”

Like the rich folks in the famous television show with the similar name, employees of Buffalo Public Schools routinely spend a great deal of money on extravagant things like plastic surgery, airline travel, expensive hotels and limousines.

The only difference is that the wealthy people in “Real Housewives” are spending their own money. In Buffalo they’re throwing around taxpayer dollars.

EAGnews recently completed an inspection of credit card records and the check registry for the City of Buffalo School District in 2011....