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MSNBC: Obama Did Poorly in Debate Because He Was Confused By Romney's Lies

scrow Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 4:09 PM
Romney wasn't really lying. He was just playing rope-a-dope to put Obama on the defensive and show how the President can't handle a flexible opponent. :roll: The problem is that for Obama, he's now going to have to "pull a Gore." Just like Gore switched personalities from debate to debate in 2000, Obama will have to do the same. We've seen him in the role of cranky college professor. Now he'll have to take on the role of Aggressive Attack dog. When that doesn't work, he'll have to come up with a third role for the third debate. That's the downside of just not being yourself during a Presidential debate. Unless that _was_ what Obama really is. In that case, he's stuck with what lost him the first debate.