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Is Obama Really Committed to Leading the Gun Control Charge?

scrow Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 2:02 AM
Thank goodness. Now we can ignore the hysteria from the left wondering if the NRA wants a right to nuclear weapons and bazookas. No one is asking for such a right to be invoked. Or the idiots saying that citizens should be satisfied with muzzle-loading rifles.

In the wake of Friday's ghastly events in Connecticut, many Americans -- politicians and pundits especially -- have added their voices to the "do something" chorus.  This impulse is understandable.  It's human.  Twenty-six innocent victims are dead, the majority of them precious young children.  The desire to help, to act, to fix can be overwhelming.  The president, a father of two young girls, has played the role of grief-counselor-in-chief in recent days; at times, he's barely managed to suppress his sadness and maintain his composure during public statements.  Pressure is now mounting on him to prominently champion new gun...