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12-Year-Old Defends Herself with Gun, Proves Need of 2nd Amendment

scroinex Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 1:57 PM
TRUTH, but police being minutes away is a dream that only happen in the best of circumstances...when my house was robbed, it took the police 23 minutes to get there, but i could've walked to police station in 5...never understand day, where they told me to stay hidden in my yard (i never mentioned having a gun...none of their business) while they finished their donuts and then came to my now emptied house...if I had just pulled my weapon and used in ways not allowed in the state I was in, I wouldn't have lost anything and that guy would never have robbed anyone again.....

As the left continues to advocate for further restrictions on the Second Amendment, others are using it to save their lives.

This past Wednesday a young 12-year old girl in Bryan County, Oklahoma was able to protect her life when an intruder kicked in her back door and entered her house. Frantically, she called her mother who advised her to grab their household gun, hide in the closet, and call 911.

The intruder made his way through the house, and as he was opening the door of the closet, the young girl shot him through the closet door. The intruder...