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Scrivener13 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 7:30 AM
Boycott or not, it’s your decision. But I’ll say this, if there is a corporation, CEO, business, or whatever that is using its profits, its gain from my patronage, to bolster support for the leftist ideology, to ram that ideology down my throat; I’ll do my solid best not to patronize that organization. To lend support for these left-thinking groups is to finance my own demise.
How's this ... Dingy Harry is Soros' beech.
How's this ... Dingy Harry is Soros' beech.
It looks more and more like it's We the People v. The Democrat Party.
I’d like to hear from the agents visiting these patriotic groups. I’d like to know just what they think they’re doing to the country; what kind of country they’re leaving for their kids and grandkids. They took an oath for crying out loud. They should be ashamed.
Another question comes to mind; is this going to lead to gun confiscation via the “Affordable” Care Act?
“And you have my word that the President and I are doing everything we can to make sure no parent loses their child to gun violence.” ~ Vice President Biden I wonder what he would say to the parents of Brian Terry and others who have lost their children due to the consequences of “Fast and Furious?” Does anyone believe that this administration would assume responsibility and self-prosecute?
And again we have a self-proclaimed journalist failing to ask the all important question, “If the plan is so good, why did she actively pursue her own exemption and that of her colleagues?” Or more directly, “Did she sign up for Obamacare?”
That’s exactly my point. The left always wants to know what the right has to replace the programs they put in place. They should be made to answer the same question, even though we all know they won’t. My wife tells me that they have a system in place to track where the shoeboxes go. The way I understand things, a donation goes along with the shoebox and when the donation is made, they give you a barcode that allows you to track where your shoebox goes.
It seems that the AHA somehow believes that a child assembling an assortment of gifts for another less fortunate child is the equivalent of the federal legislature passing a law forcing religion on an unsuspecting electorate. I wonder if they’re aware that their lawsuits are in violation of the same first amendment by preventing Christians their right to the free exercise of their religion, which in part includes charity toward those less fortunate. I also wonder what plan the AHA has to replace the Samaritan’s Purse program. Or would they have the less fortunate simply do without? Shoeboxes my wife and I assembled are packed and ready to be delivered to our local church. God bless Samaritan’s Purse.
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