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Sports Versus Politics

Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 6:06 AM
Interesting analogies. The problem I see, is that anytime there are economic difficulties, there are those who scream loudest, "But what about the children?" I have yet to see the throngs of starving children in this country (maybe once in a while a child misses a meal) but I have NEVER seen (and neither have you) the distended stomachs so prevalent in the starving depicted over the years in Africa.
oldnjal Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 8:26 AM
And the wealth of certain sectors in African countries is mind-boggling. Their mansions and neighborhoods are never shown to Americans. The product of corrupt individuals contriving outcomes in socialist or communist inspired governments.
I have always wondered if Obama's father was involved in that, as describing one book, the promoter introduced Obama, as the subject of the book, saying he was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, child of a white anthropologist and African financial officer. Obama never corrected his agent.
It has long seemed to me that there is far more rationality in sports, and in commentaries on sports, than there is in politics and in commentaries on politics. What has puzzled me is why this is so, when what happens in politics has far more serious effects on people's lives.

To take one common example, there are many people who believe that if the market fails, the government should step in. But, if Robinson Cano strikes out, does anyone suggest that the Yankees should send in a pinch hitter for him on his next time at bat?

Everyone understands that a pinch...