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For Once, I Hope Paul Krugman Is Right

Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 5:29 PM
There is always talk about "reducing the waste and fraud" in various government "welfare" programs. Well, if they wanted to reduce the waste and fraud, REALLY wanted to, they could. Last year, In Houston, TX, they discovered over $100 million in fraud just in medicare. One city, one program cost us $100 million. How many other cities have this type and degree of fraud? How many BILLIONS are STOLEN? I can't begin to wrap my head around these figures. There IS a way, if there exists a will.

It’s not often that I read something by Paul Krugman and think, “Good point, I hope he’s correct.”

After all, I had to correct Krugman’s inaccurate analysis of Estonia, and also point out the errors in what he wrote about the United Kingdom. And I also noted mistakes he made when writing about Canada and France.

And let’s not forget his absurd...