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Cease the Cease-Fires

Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 2:09 AM
Hamas does not WANT peace with Israel. They seek the utter destruction of Israel and all Jews worldwide. The time in NOW for Israel to utterly destroy Hamas, and if necessary, the people of Gaza. They were, after all, the ones who voted for Hamas to be their "leaders".
The last time the federal budget was "balanced" was in 1957. I don't care about future projected budgets, Clinton NEVER had a balanced budget. He, like every president since JFK, ran deifcits. Though I will give Clinton, and a republican controlled house the credit for one of the smallest budget deficits on record (~$ 19 billion).
You'll never hear me say it will never happen. Ever since I heard about the Fair Tax, I have been a supporter. It took me all of three minutes to discover it is far superior to the current system of funding the federal government. It WILL happen when we start electing citizzen legislators. End the reign of the career politician.
Oh, I fully understand that. That is why I support only candidates for US House that are in favor of the Fair Tax, and especially those who have signed on as co-sponsors of HR 25. Nothing happens until we elect true citizen legislators. It is time to end the riegn of the career politician.
Don't you get it? We conservatives are just too stupid to understand the nuance of the progressive mind. You can't just listen to what they say, you have to understand the underlying situation ,and THEN you just MIGHT understand the real meaning; the nuance. (end sarcasm)
Well, I think you're confusing laws with rules. Sonsider your local driver's license office. The politicians make a law that all drivers must have a driver's license. The bureaucrats in charge of (in the case of Texas, the DPS) make the rules on how to obtain a license. In other words, politicians make laws, bureaucrats make rules.
John Ransom mention, in passing fairness. I have heard the term "fair share" from Obama one time too many. What, exactly, is a person's. or corporation's, "fair sghare" of the tax burden? NO politician would dare answer that. They will just say that you are not paying your fair share, because defining the term might just prove that the politicial themself is not paying their fair share. Let me help you. Your fair share is neither a set percentage nor a set dollar amount. To find your fair share, you must do two things. Number one, be honest. Number two, fill out all necessary IRS tax forms as required. Then, using the entire 74.000 pages of URS tax code as your guide, fill out those forms, using any and all provisions in the tax code as may apply to your particullar situation. When you get to the line on form 1040, that says your tax is..., you have arrived at YOUR "fair share". Now if you don't like what you have to pay, or what someone else didn't have to pay, you don't have a problem with what you paid, you have a problem with the IRS tax code/ ANd the solution? Yup, you guessed it, the Fair Tax, (HR 25). Make paying taxes as simple as buying a candy bar.
The main purpose of the IRS was to enforce the IRS tax code and fund the federal government. But, as mentioned, the IRS is being used to affect social changes in our society, and I find that totally unacceptable. The IRS tax code is so complex NO ONE, and that includes the IRS, understands the tax code. The best solution is to completely change HOW we fund the federal government. John Ransom alludes to a post card sized tax return (flat tax), but the problem with a flat tax is you STILL have the IRS and the tax code would eventually beecome another monstrosity of political favors. You want change? REAL change? Then the Fair Tax (HR 25) is the ONLY solution. Ther entire tax bill is only 131 pages, and no citizen will ever have to keep records to prove what they earned, because what you earn, and where you earn it is irrelevant under the Fair Tax. Let's make April 15th just another nice spring day.
Facists? Maybe. SOme call the government a coolection of communists, or socialists, oe even Marxists. Call 'em what you will, they arre all totalitarians.
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What We Women Want

Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 1:33 PM
Some people BELIEVE these things about the TEA party because the MSM has TOLD them that's what we believe. Too many get their news, not from the internet of Fox, but from NBC, CBS, and ABC. Until the journalists start ACTING like journalists, we haven't got a chance.
I remember hearing about this when ot happened. Who will have to restore the pension money? (I would say the UAW) Or is it gone for good? Thinking people KNEW the GM/UAW bailout was a bad deal the moment it came out.
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