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ACtually The Sahara was green and verdant about 8000 years ago. This was proven with archeological finds in the area.
The Fair Tax would not affect the national (or state) taxes on alcohol. The natinal tax on alcohol is actually one of the original methods of direct taxation approved by the Constitution.
I look at ALL people with suspicion. Frankly, I don't like most people, white black, brown or whatever. PROVE to me you're worth my respect and you'll get it, Otherwise, keep your distance. We'll both be happier.
I appears to me that the main job of "climate scientists" is to drum up fear in the population. This fear is then used by politicians to accumulate more and more power and control. The more the huddled masses are afraid, the easier it is to take freedom and liberty away from those same huddled masses. The modern career politicians is nothing without power, so the more they have, the more"important" they become regardless of the problems they cause along the way.
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Spontaneous Order

Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: Feb 11, 2015 9:53 AM
Millions of people making billions of economic decisions every day are better suited to the task of allocating scarce resources than any number (usually a very small number) of bureaucrats will EVER be.
Liberals, as far as I can tell, want the federal government to solve all the problems we, as a nation, face. Conservatives, like myself, believe the federal government should be constrained and limited by the Constitution. "We, the People", and our state and local governments should be able to handle most of what the feds currently do. We probably won't save one penny in bureaucratic costs, but each state and local government can decide what needs to be done.
We have over $18 TRILLION in debt, and they want to spend MORE??? You see, THIS is the problem with our career politicians. If THEY were paying for this (instead of relying on the gullibe taxpayer {yes,I said gullible}) they wouldn't be so quick to overspend. In the words of John Belushi, "But NOOOOO" they don't suffer the consequenses of deficit spending, it is "We, the People" who suffer, and when the SHTF, I guarantee you, the career politicians will STILL be unaffected.
Is it just me, or are you thinking this as well? Did Obama get these "talking points" from the muslim leaders he met with on Tuesday? I can't believe he came up with them all on his own. And why can "We, the People" find out who Obama met with and the purpose of the visit? I seriously doubt it had anything to do with national security (although that is the probable excuse being given for the lack of information.
Yeah. I don't subscribe to HBO. Boy, am I the lucky one.
And my brother STILL wonders why I refuse to watch the alphabet network news. And WHO, again is Lena Dunham? I thought, by the name, she was related to the talented ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham. But Jeff was an only child.
An old aquaintance of mine became a teacher, just like his dad. This person is a big timeliberal, with nothing but liberal talking points. When asked about introducing competition into primary education, he went apoplectic. It took himless than30 seconds to "unfriend" me on Facebook. The liberals will give every reason for NOT using competition EXCEPT the REAL reason- they are unable to compete.
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