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How does the atheist defend his actions? They are offended by an expression of faith for a G-d they do not believe in. Are they offended by children dressing as witches and ghosts on Halloween? Are they offended by Muslims blocking street in Manhatten on Friday? Not that I have heard. But the Nativity scene, erected during December in the town square brings lawsuit after lawsuit. It never bothered me, as a Jew, so why does it bother them so much?
Could it be that the trouble in Freguson is a prelude to a police state? "We need to insure our streets are safe. ANd a strong ploice presence will insure that. Make sure you have your identification and all travel papers on your person at all times.This will insure a speedy process as we check you at all random locations throughout the country." I can see it coming. Why can't the great unwashed masses see it as well?
"We could just cut some of the things the federal government does that it was never intended to do,....and subsidizing people who shouldn't be here in the first place." What I fail to understand is why we give ANY illegal alien any sort of government benefits. In fact, we shouldn't even be giving government benefits to the resident aliens.
With more and more regulation, what would we need with a bigger government? See, we must keep the local bureaucrat employed. Otherwise, they would have to get a job where they have to actually PRODUCE something for their employer.
Cities feel the pressure from the established companies. Companies feel the pressure from competition. Aww, TFB. Competition ALWAYS benefits the consumer, and I will consume what I want, when I want, regardless of the local regiulations.
Yellowstone is almost overdue. Well, in geologic terms, anyway. Within the next 15,000 years, Yellowstone will blow. Or it could happen in the next few years. But blow it will, and I pity civilization when it does.
I just started a new series of books by alternate history writer Harry Turtledove. This serise is entitled, "Supervolcano" and deals with the USA and the rest of earth after Yelllowstone blows its top. Its not pretty when 600 cubic MILES of matter are expelled into the atmosphere. I will not worry about a 2 degree per century climate change after reading about a never ending winter in Maine and snow in Los Angeles. Clomate changers, you have NO IDEA what could happen if REAL change occurred.
Wait a minute... You mean the guy thaat got shot WASN'T a "gentle giant"? Well, maybe we should let all the FACTS come out before we decide the proper response. I hate to say it, but I have known a few Blacks who react first, and then think about what they did later (if ever).
Answers? You mean they have one week to come up with better excuses.
That would be Manny, Moe, and Jack.
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